all about me…

Hi again

just thought I’d tell ya all a little about myself before I get started…that’s me in the picture with my son Bill. This was taken a few years ago now when we still lived in Thailand…

liambill.GIFWe live in Edinburgh, Scotland now. I’m 38 and work for an ISP based locally here. I enjoy surfin the Net whilst listening to dub reggae….many of the sites that I will link to off this blog I found whilst doing this very thing…

whilst you’re here – take the time to check out the rest of this site.

 If you’re learning programming and are interested in VB.NET – there’s some simple sample programs with code provided – these come from the correspondence course that I did – it cost us a lot of money to do and I later found the very same course available on the Net for 4000% cheaper so I decided to post all I had done up on the Net for anyone to use/reference.

There’s also the miscellaneous section with funnies (well at least I find them funny) and other stuff as well

I’ll cya soon


Welcome to the new blog!

Hi everybody

Thanks for bearing with me through the problems of the old bulletin board. As it was pretty much just myself who was posting decent stuff to that I have decided to change the whole format of the page, and as you can see, it is now a blog.

There was a lot of material on the BB so I am now going to start the process of transferring all those links across to this page.

Hope you enjoy yourselves here!