Behold The New Guitar God!

“French prodigy known as Tina S. is perhaps if not the greatest living
guitar god left on the planet. She has otherworldly fingers which flow
between each fret with absolute ease. For those who play guitar or have, this is simply stunning. Everyone has
their talent in life whatever it may be, she certainly can rock out to
whatever she wants at any given time. Lets face it, some people are just
born with natural talent. Tina is only 17 years old and has a knack for knocking out anything
musical that comes her way. What her ambitions are have not yet been
declared. The music world should take notice, this girl can play
whatever for anyone. Get her into the studio ASAP.”

She started playing at the age of 6 – see link above for the 6 years of practise plus covers of all the greatest rock solos of all time..

Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover

30 Motivational Quotes To Overcome the Challenges of Life

“Sometimes you come to a point where you realize that you have to
change the way you think, in order to become a good, successful human.
Changing your mind is not something bad. On the contrary it’s the best
thing you can do because it means you’re evolving!

Don’t be afraid to change. Be afraid of staying the same. Be afraid
of not trying for something better. Be afraid of not risking.

The following 30 quotes will inspire you regarding how you see your life, your dreams, yourself and others too.”

This one is something I should really take some tips from myself..


..and here’s one for you mum 🙂

Evolution of Apple Macs in Pictures

“Apple I stаrted it аll 35 years ago in 1976. iPod, iPhone аnd iPad made Apple thе second most valued company in thе world. Hеrе wе can sее thе evolution оf Apple in photos.”


Apple 1


                                                iPhone 7

Some Celebrities Exciting Previous Careers

“The new long hard slog for the pinnacle
of Mount Celeb. Unless you’re the success of a reality TV show,
celebrity only comes after years of perform, taking odd jobs to cover
the bills and struggling constant rejection (if you are the winner of a
television show, the rejection employs you’re famous…). The majority of
celebs stick to the tried-and-tested jobs associated with waitress,
bartender and burger-flipper before they make it, however there are
others who have better jobs. No doubt the planets of
adult-film-set-design and cosmetics for the dead were i am sorry to lose
these particular people to the field of showbiz…but we’re glad that
they finally found their real calling. Delve into the dishonest days of
pre-fame in our The top 10 Celebrities who had Interesting Past Careers.


Angelina Jolie an undertaker? What a waste that would’ve been..

The Balloon Tank

A balloon is a flexible bag filled with a gas, such
as helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide or air. Early
balloons were made of dried animal bladders. Modern
balloons can be made from materials such as rubber,
latex, polychloroprene or a nylon fabric. Some balloons
are purely decorative, while others are used for
specific purposes such as meteorology, medical treatment,
military defense, or transportation. A balloon’s
properties, including its low density and relatively
low cost, have led to a wide range of applications…”


“German Panther” is a 2007 sculpture of
a Panzer tank made out of balloons, from Hans Hemmert.
It’s nearly 10 metres long

What Was Life Like Before Mobile Phones? Collection of Cartoons That Nails This Question

“Loss of life Of Conversation: How Cell phones Take Over Our World

I give many a chemical rush when they answer my call, 8-10 US
Citizens believe I was addictive, and I can destroy you if I’m abused.

What am I? A cell phone, of course! Because of cell phones, we are
more linked than ever before, but disconnecting is also more painful.

The following shows, as well as the ‘Death Of Conversation’ job by
Babycakes Romero, show some of the funny and not-so-funny side
associated with our plugged-in lifestyle.”

The funny thing is, these all ring so true 😉


Truly Beautiful Mannequins can be Found only in Venezuela

“As a tourist who has visited Venezuela, with all responsibility I
declare – in this country make beautiful mannequins from rest. Still,
they say, good specimens are found in Panama, but it is still only in
the plans. Mannequins with extreme proportions have become standard in
stores as Venezuelan women increasingly use plastic surgery to transform
their bodies.”

mannequin biog tits.jpg

Dog Photograph of the Year Competition

“Every year, The Kennel Club, perhaps the oldest recognized canine
institution in the world, delights us with pictures from their Dog
Photographer Of The Year competition – and makes us fall in love with
dogs even more…

The prestigious contest
has been running for 12 years now. It received nearly 10,000 entries
from 74 countries around the world. The competition has 10 categories,
including ‘Puppies’, ‘Assistance Dogs’, ‘Rescue Dogs’, and ‘Dogs At
Work’. There’s also a ‘Man’s Best Friend’ category, that showcases
photos that capture the deep bond between dogs and humans.

year, Maria Davison from Portugal won the overall prize with a picture
of a black puppy resting by her friend’s feet. Davison said: “This image
was already close to my heart and it is one of the photographs I am
most proud of. It was not only a beautiful, real and candid moment I got
to capture, but also a demonstration of the strong bond between one of
my closest friends and her dog, Yzma. Winning not only the Man’s Best
Friend category, but also the overall winner prize with this picture
feels really good.”

The winning images will be exhibited at the Kennel Club in Mayfair, London.”


1 Overall Winner And Man’s Best Friend 1st Place Winner Maria Davison Ramos, Portugal

Indian Train Journey

“Nowhere else in the world will you find so many travellers, travelling by
train in India. Every day, more than 20 million people travel by this
mean of transport in India. In this country the largest railway network
in the world, which connects all corners of this big country. Journey in
an Indian train will never be boring – when you meet a person of any
class, education, caste, age. Given that the level of the rail network,
quite frankly, old, for the unprepared person the trip of a few days can
be a living hell – there is no air conditioning, clean linen; often the
trains a giant crush because of overpopulation of the country. For
Indians the same – it is routine”


Gaming and Education

We all know that most kids these days don’t particularly like textbooks – did we ever? But if you can sneak some actual facts and figures into computer games then the chances of kids being more enthusiastic about homework go through the roof.

In fact modern computers and software have revolutionised education – or they would if the government actually realized this and budgeted schools for more of them..

Oh but I forgot – we wouldn’t see any difference in results for another generation so the mostly middle-aged politicians in power now just don’t care 🙁


Yener Torun – Images of Istanbul as a Colourful and Modern City

“What imagery comes to mind when you think about Istanbul? Whatever it
is, it’s probably not modern architecture, and that is what Turkish
photographer Yener Torun is trying to change.

Just think of the Istanbul photos you have seen before:
grand mosques, old streets, seagulls over the Bosphorus. I show a
completely different side. Even long-term residents can’t believe these
pics were taken in the city they live in,
” says the photographer.

regularly updates his Instagram account with these incredibly vibrant
examples of Istanbul’s modern architecture. It started a couple of years
ago, when he found an inspiration for his photography in architecture: “Usually architecture easily provides the things I look for – colours, geometric patterns, strong lines, shadow plays.“”


That’s Some Boat!

“Demand for the luxury in growing. One of the expanding industry is
luxury boats production. New companies constantly appear offering their
services in luxury boat building. Nobody had any experience first,
there were no luxury boats in Soviet Russia for 70 years in a row. So
some manufacturers copy their works from the Western industry, but some
go their unique, Russian way, creating something looking not alike to
any other, like this one made for one of the Siberian governors.”