New Alternative To Trump’s Wall?

“‘What should the U.S. do about The Wall?” is a question that’s destined to divide many Americans. But there’s one proposal for the U.S.-Mexico border that, at least in theory, seems agreeable to everyone.

  • The proposal was recently presented to several U.S. members of Congress.
  • The plan still calls for border security, considering all of the facilities along the border would be guarded and connected by physical barriers.
  • It’s undoubtedly an expensive and complicated proposal, but the team argues that border regions are ideal spots for wind and solar energy, and that they could use the jobs and fresh water the energy park would create.”





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Living in a Van off YouTube Videos

Guy and Ann Junkins, it turns out, would’ve been better off if Guy had just gotten fired. When Comcast announced in March 2016 it was shuttering the Dover, New Hampshire, plant where he’d worked doing logistics and inventory since 2010, Guy—who was in his fifties at the time—expected to find his name on the chopping block. His friends and coworkers got sacked, netting small severance packages for their termination. So it seemed like a surprising stroke of good fortune when he found out he was one of only a handful of employees given the option to transfer to a different facility further down the road. He signed on…”





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The Difference Between One Million and One Billion

“While living and evolving in a so-called state-of-nature, our Palaeolithic ancestors had no need (i.e. no environmental pressures) to develop such a capacity. Back then, and prior to the advent of a formal numbering system, early humans only really needed to get a basic sense of small batches of quantities, like the number of people in the clan, or how many animals might occupy a certain area.”

“That’s good news for people like Bezos and Gates, because chances are if you knew how much money they actually have (well, how high their net worth actually is), you probably wouldn’t be too pleased.”

Kilogram Redefined. The Metric System Overhaul Is Complete

Scientists met in Versailles on 16 Nov and the vote re-defined the metric system for the first time since 1983. The new system completely upends the historical methods for setting standards using physical objects. Previous systems have used things like the notches on a metal rod to set a distance standard. Up until the vote, the kilogram had been based on a platinum-iridium cylinder stored under lock and key in France.


this is it




“Perhaps the biggest change was in the definition of the kilogram, which was the last remaining unit to be based on a physical artifact: the International Prototype Kilogram, also known as Le Grand K, locked in a vault in a Paris suburb. While scientists will still monitor and study Le Grand K, it no longer has its former scientific significance. Now, it’s just a cylinder with a lot of history. Starting in May, the kilogram will be defined in terms of Planck’s constant, a number that relates a radio wave’s energy to its frequency.”




this is the new authoratative gadget for measuring the standard kilo..

True Directional Speakers Using Modulated Ultrasound

“Being able to direct sound is useful in many situations. Two examples are at a museum where people standing in front of two different exhibits can hear two different commentaries or at home if you don’t want to hear the crap someone else listens to.

This is where modulated ultrasound comes to the rescue – the ability to direct sound with an impressive 5 – 10° spread – that’s unheard of with any traditional loudspeaker….”





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Ancient Humans Used Natural Painkillers

“A close look at Neanderthal dental records has shown that the ancient humans used a plant-based “aspirin” to treat pain and illness.”

That was around 180,000 years ago and the leaves they were chewing did actually contain the active ingredient in aspirin..

Evidence of opium use has been found in humans since 4300 BC apparently.

Then there was the small matter of the American Civil War and use of morphine on the battlefields for the first time..






that Neanderthal was chewing poplar tree leaves which contain the pain killer salicylic acid (the active ingredient of aspirin)

The Man from Nowhere

A man suddenly finds himself walking along a highway in the southern US, not with the classic missing time of a few minutes/hours, but instead with NO memory whatsoever of his whole previous life, name, childhood, in fact NO memories at all from before the point he finds himself walking along the road!

If this is a real story, then surely higher powers are the ones who brought this about, for whatever reason they had ..

How to download iplayer content on Linux

What we really need is “How to upload GOOD programs to iPlayer” lol meh..

Anyway I don’t watch TV anymore myself. I prefer listening to my ever-growing collection of MP3s although I will say that the BBC have done some brilliant nature documentaries which I mind myself looking forward to watching when on nightshift and all quiet..


me and Jeeyeb being distracted by something, taken fairly recently by the looks, but I can’t remember what it was ..


The Chive

This is a site that I just stumbled upon and found it’s based on same ideology as mine. You could spend hours surfing off “probably the best site in the world” lol, but actually it may well be \0/. .if you’ve landed here from there then you’ll like it here too :)+













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Henry the Hoover: Still Smiling After All These Years

“Henry the Hoover, with his cheeky smile, is now 36 years old. Developed in 1970 by Chris Duncan  – the same man who runs the company today – this iconic vacuum cleaner has long been one of the most popular brands for commercial use, and is now also found in homes across the world.”

“…Mr Duncan’s company, Numatic International, began by making commercial vacuums that were used for cleaning boilers. By 1981, these specialist, tough gadgets had slowly evolved into the smiling, red machine that we know today.”

“…The company is working on the next generation of vacuum cleaners: a cordless Henry. “There are lots of small cordless vacuums out there but we think this is the only big cylinder vacuum in Europe to go cordless,” says Mr Ernill. ”

“…Numatic makes all its vacuum cleaners at its Somerset factory, resisting the temptation to outsource production to cheaper territories. This helps the company maintain the quality of its products. “There’s a lot of affection for Henry, and that affection seems to be passed down through the generations,” says Mr Ernill. “But that would quickly disappear if we lowered the quality of the build.”

“…One of the major challenges that Numatic faces is also its greatest strength: Henrys rarely break. “People know it will last a long time,” Mr Ernill adds. “A customer recently returned one that is 30 years old – it was still working, but is now taking a rest in our museum.”

Numatic always provides spare parts if its products break down, and can retrofit motors right back to the first Henry ever made….”







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Record Breaking Windows of the World (not Microsoft)

From the largest, the strongest, the longest and the most impressive this article covers all bases with some good pictures as well as description..

This is a much contested claim, but it seems the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris holds the record for the world’s biggest window. The south rose window at the cathedral is massive, measuring in at 12.9 metres in diameter, containing 84 panes of glass. This is said to be the biggest window in the world and you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful window.

The west rose window is slightly smaller but still a stunning stained glass window measuring 10 metres in diameter. It dates all the way back to 1220 AD and has most of the original glass and tracery still, an impressive feature I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in China

“In last few years china achieved huge success in every field as a country. We are very well aware that now a days Chinese peoples’ products are very popular around the world. China has also made their country tourist friendly, as there are many beautiful places in china which attract the tourist from around the world.”

Last time we were in Hong Kong (20 odd years ago, before China took HK back from the British) we got day visas and spent a day in mainland China wandering around various parts and areas of Guangzhou. I think we were well off the beaten tourist track at times as I remember we got quite a lot of wide-mouth stares, but the local shopkeepers were very friendly and good natured, and all desperate for a chance to practise their English with a real English person lol

the Great Wall is probably the most famous tourist attraction, did you know it runs over 13,000 miles in length due to its’ constant twisting and turning? That’s well over twice the distance from London to Beijing as the crow flies..


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48-Pound Trout: World Record or Genetic Cheat?

Much controversy in the angling world over this one – he did catch this but it was a m escaped trout from a place where they turned out to be using genetic enhancers..

“In an age of biotechnological juicing, not even the easygoing pastime of fishing is free from controversies over artificial enhancement.”

If you’re interested in this check out the official world record fish database for all species it looks like..


Regular visitors to this site may be wondering what happened in the last month or so – the site has been down. Well, the answer to that is (from what I can see) is a hacker got in to the server via a trackback in an innocent looking comment  which was approved by me w/o properly checking 🙁  Server was rootkitted and subsequently trashed..

Can I just say that this is a non-profit website,  meant for the enjoyment of the masses, I do it as a hobby. From the nature and amount of damage done to the server this was not the work of some amateur hacker, so someone somewhere would appear to have some kind of grudge to bear against me.  To whoever posted the comment in German about the YouTubes tell me what the fuck did you do that for? I’m on webmaster@…

I’ve totally disabled comments and trackbacks now because it’s too much time and hassle to administer properly, sorry to all those who posted genuine harmless comments but this event has left me without a choice.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow folks, sorry it’s taken me so long to fix..


Top Ten Current Discovered Tallest Trees In the World

“Trees may be stuck in the ground, but they’ve clearly got some enviable traits – I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a pretty forest for a few thousand years? But despite all the things that trees are famous for, it’s perhaps their height that inspires the most reverie. Humans may have a lot of cool tricks, but we’ll never get to grow up to be 35 stories tall.”

“In this regard, trees get to inhabit the best of all worlds, heaven and earth. With roots planted in the ground they get a taste of soil, while their upper reaches soak up the sun and touch the sky. But unlike the proverbial beanstalk of Jack’s, scientists say they can’t grow upwards forever. Theoretically, the maximum height for trees is between 400 and 426 feet (122 and 130 meters) – and while trees of the past may have attained such majestic heights, some of the world’s tallest trees were sadly felled for lumber. The towering trees that remain, however, are still staggeringly lofty. Consider the following 10 trees, each one the tallest in the world by species.”


Hyperion – at 374.3 feet (114.1 meters)




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No Country For Ye Olde Men

“..While conditions in 18th-century British prisons could be horrific (more convicts died in prisons than at the gallows), the most feared punishment didn’t take place in prison at all. Between 1718 and 1776, British authorities exiled approximately 50,000 convicts to American colonies in a policy euphemistically known as “transportation.” Once in America, the convicts fell under a life of servitude or outright slavery, underfed and overworked. They had to obey their masters or risk being imprisoned, with punishment including whippings. In the early period of transportation, half of these prisoners died while in bondage.”

“Unsurprisingly, the policy of transportation wasn’t so popular among British convicts. Some prisoners even begged to be executed rather than shipped abroad. Thus, plenty of prisoners sentenced to transportation attempted to escape partway through the journey. Multiple convict-carrying ships bound for America suffered prisoner rebellions. Rather than heading to remote parts of the colonies upon arrival, most escaped convicts preferred to sneak back to Britain, despite being subject to execution for the meta-crime of returning from transportation.

James Dalton was one such convict…”


The Mayflower



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Remarkable Health Benefits of Sea Cucumber

“Sea cucumber, also known as Sea Slug, Japonicus, Stichopus, Selenka, Sea cucumbers have been used as a food source and medicinal ingredient in Asian and Middle Eastern countries for centuries. It most commonly found in the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans, they are considered a delicacy in many Asian cultures. They live on sea floors throughout the world, but the greatest population is found in the Pacific Ocean.”






“Sea cucumber is an oblong_ shaped it is known that sea cucumber is the marine invertebrate that related to sea urchins and starfish. It is a featured component of a festive New year’s banquet dish called “the Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea”. Most sea cucumbers resemble large caterpillars. It has been used in China as a treatment for thousands of years. Sea cucumber beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, joint pains, fatigue, constipation, impotence, cancer, and frequent urination. Sea cucumber is also a natural treatment it has the ability for healing wounds. Sea cucumber is rich in vitamins, protein, and mineral.”