Security on this Website

Dear readers,

If you browsed to this site in the last week or so you would have been presented by a WARNING in your browser. This was due to the SSL certificate having expired and me not noticing until yesterday doh!

For those of you who have no idea what SSL is: it serves 2 purposes:

  • encrypts the connection between my webserver and your browser
  • verifies ownership of the website

I’ve now acquired and installed a new certificate and all is back to normal.

Furthermore, when you browse to front page, you will notice that even though there is a padlock indicating encryption is taking place, it is not green and it shows a warning. The reason for this is some of the links to the sites I show on the site do not have HTTPS (SSL) functionality, so your browser is warning you some of the websites linked off my site do not provide an encrypted connection. This is beyond my control, and due to the nature of content on this website, there is not much I can do about that.

It does NOT mean that this or any of the linked sites contain viruses or malware like some of you have been concerned just means that the site owners have not bought and installed SSL on their servers.

Anyway, I intend to go back to updating this blog more regularly again in the near future, apologies for the recent lack of updates..