Chinese Ride-hailing Giant Didi Plans to Launch a Robotaxi Service in Shanghai

  • “Didi Chuxing, China’s version of Uber, announced plans to launch a robotaxi service in Shanghai where users will be able to hail driverless cars from the app.”
  • The ride-hailing company will deploy 30 different models of so-called level four autonomous vehicles in the Jiading District of Shanghai.”
  • “Didi’s pilot project will combine both autonomous vehicles and human-driving vehicles for the duration of the project.”






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5,300 Years Ago, Ötzi the Iceman Died. Now We Know His Last Meal.

Ötzi the Iceman’s stomach wasn’t where it was supposed to be. The misplaced organ eluded researchers for some 20 years. But in 2009, while looking at new radiographic scans, they finally found it—inexplicably pushed up under his ribs, where the lower lungs usually sit. What’s more, it was completely full.…”






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Recyclable Space Rockets

“Small satellite launcher Rocket Lab is following in the footsteps of rocket behemoth SpaceX with plans to make its rockets reusable. But Rocket Lab won’t be landing its vehicles in the same fashion as SpaceX’s Falcon 9. Instead, the company plans to catch its rockets in mid-air with a helicopter after they’ve fallen back to Earth.”

“…The grand goal here is if we can capture the vehicle in wonderful condition, in theory, we should be able to put it back on the pad, charge the batteries up, and go again,” Peter Beck, Rocket Lab’s CEO, said during today’s announcement.”




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The Apple Credit Card Has Arrived

“Apple’s much-hyped credit card has arrived — if you applied to be notified when the Apple Card first became available, you’ll be among the first to get access. But don’t worry if you didn’t, as it’ll be released to the wider public later this month. Apple has also released a bunch of helpful video tutorials, outlining everything you need to know about the way the card works.

With its latest product, Apple wants your money. But it also wants to be your personal finance coach. The company is pitching the Apple Card as a way to “help customers lead a healthier financial life,” mostly through an intuitive app interface, a lack of fees and a unique new payment structure.

First up, how to apply for the card in the first place. Five simple steps and you’re off.”





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U.S. Health Officials Urge People to Stop Vaping After a Sudden and Mysterious Rise in Lung Disease

“More people hospitalized with serious lung problems linked to vaping have been found, Officials have not confirmed the cause of these injuries, but they’re explicitly warning residents to not vape, and the CDC has now joined the investigation. The cases date back to late June. All of the patients have been diagnosed with severe lung damage, and with symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, and weight loss. The severity of illness has ranged, with some needing medical assistance to breathe, and while patients have generally improved, it’s still not clear whether they will experience any long term effects…”




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