Top 5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in China

“In last few years china achieved huge success in every field as a country. We are very well aware that now a days Chinese peoples’ products are very popular around the world. China has also made their country tourist friendly, as there are many beautiful places in china which attract the tourist from around the world.”

Last time we were in Hong Kong (20 odd years ago, before China took HK back from the British) we got day visas and spent a day in mainland China wandering around various parts and areas of Guangzhou. I think we were well off the beaten tourist track at times as I remember we got quite a lot of wide-mouth stares, but the local shopkeepers were very friendly and good natured, and all desperate for a chance to practise their English with a real English person lol

the Great Wall is probably the most famous tourist attraction, did you know it runs over 13,000 miles in length due to its’ constant twisting and turning? That’s well over twice the distance from London to Beijing as the crow flies..


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