Regular visitors to this site may be wondering what happened in the last month or so – the site has been down. Well, the answer to that is (from what I can see) is a hacker got in to the server via a trackback in an innocent looking comment  which was approved by me w/o properly checking 🙁  Server was rootkitted and subsequently trashed..

Can I just say that this is a non-profit website,  meant for the enjoyment of the masses, I do it as a hobby. From the nature and amount of damage done to the server this was not the work of some amateur hacker, so someone somewhere would appear to have some kind of grudge to bear against me.  To whoever posted the comment in German about the YouTubes tell me what the fuck did you do that for? I’m on webmaster@…

I’ve totally disabled comments and trackbacks now because it’s too much time and hassle to administer properly, sorry to all those who posted genuine harmless comments but this event has left me without a choice.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow folks, sorry it’s taken me so long to fix..