New Rare Colored Historical Pictures From The Second World War

“During the Second World War, colored film was rare and was an entirely new technique. For this reason, the published pictures from the conflicts of this era are black and white.

However, the pictures included in Imperial War Museum’s new book are unique and fascinating. They are original and haven’t been edited.

Although, nowadays it’s very common to see edited pictures and black and white who have been turned into colored, these pictures are actually original. That’s what Ian Carter stated in a telephone interview with CNN.

The British Ministry of Information, which use to own a small amount of the film Kodachrome, is responsible for the existence of these images. Therefore, this type of film was given to professional photographers so that they could use it in different areas.

There were 3.000 photographs in total, but not all of them “survived”: “Almost half of them disappeared, and we had no idea where to find them,” said Carter. The rest of them were kept in Imperial War Museum’s archive, and many of them are now published for the first time in 70 years.

Back then, the pictures were given to American magazines, but the majority of them was never published.

There are amazing details from the period of war that would be lost into grey had it been not for colored film; for instance, the orange color of the Deutch royal family. These pictures look like they were captured today but they’re not.”



looks like this one is London during the Blitz




See them all..



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