I’m back!

l’ve got the site back up in a couple of days and if you follow this site regularly you’ll know I promised a fine and dandy look and feel of the site. This site has been serving the masses since 2007 (check out all the archives.). I know that recently the content has dwindled over the past year or so, Let’s just put it down to persomal problems but now I’ve changed the colour and done a few other things in the backgound it’s stull the same site as it always had been.!

Also the content has been suffering a hit as you will have noticed, nut with TopPicks v2 its gonna be back to 25+ a mnoth again amd I’ve got more sources. I’ve allowed folks to sign in again but this rime i’m vetting the comments at the moment. It was the spams that killed this site last go roumd and as you know if you’e been following forr at least a few days TopPicks was all about a bit of random banter on a morning. Something in there for everyone somewhere.

If somethimg starts you on a good surf or just catches your eye then  feedback, howvever brief and I’ve seen all the spam shit  and iy will be deleted before it’s published

above all any suggestioms welcome, as lomg as you’re not promotimg your own product ot trying to make money out of this it’s fine. This is a non-profit website with no ads for a reason – cos they’re spoiling the www and the vision that it was back at the take-off, of said www.

I literally provide this site as a service – I don’t even ask for donations but if you’ve got some cash to splash then please punt it over to Amnesty International…

I love you all loyal surfers, give me some ideas and the daily random link will omce more be on your interwebs xx



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