Flakka Man Humps Trees!


“Perhaps the term tree hugger applies to these strange encounters. First
off all, a man driving by stopped to record on his phone a man humping a
palm tree in broad daylight. What compelled him to do this out in the
open is questionable. There are many jokes which apply to this–but from a
psychological perspective, he is disturbed emotionally on some level.
This man’s identity is still unknown.”

“..What was further discovered, was another man 41 years old from
Florida named Kenneth Crowder–was on a drug known as Flakka. This drug
also goes by the name of gravel as a street sold drug. The origination
of the name, comes from it being compared to aquarium gravel seen in
fish tanks.

This synthetic drug is stirring a crazy among many
drug addicts. They simply get addicted rather quickly to it as a flavor
of the month type drug. The drug costs a mere $5 dollars so its easier
to get a hold of.”