Giant Underwater Humanoids Found in Mountains Of Central Asia

“The area is known as Issik Kul “Warm Lake” it is located in the northern
Tian Shan mountains of central Asia. This area is fairly cold…yet
despite this, the lake never seems to freeze.”

“A Kyrgyz legend states that there was a sunken city at the bottom of the
lake. The last reigning ruler was King Ossounes. They were known for
being a giant with long shaped ears. They were also able to fly between
each of the mountain peaks.”

It would appear that UFO reports in the area prompted a researcher to
investigate and some over-sized human skeletons were found in bottom of
the lake all wearing the same silver amulets. This led to Soviet divers being sent who went deeper than before and suddenly found themselves surrounded by the beings in this picture. Apparently the divers tried to catch one, but this attempt didn’t quite work out 🙂