Behold The New Guitar God!

“French prodigy known as Tina S. is perhaps if not the greatest living
guitar god left on the planet. She has otherworldly fingers which flow
between each fret with absolute ease. For those who play guitar or have, this is simply stunning. Everyone has
their talent in life whatever it may be, she certainly can rock out to
whatever she wants at any given time. Lets face it, some people are just
born with natural talent. Tina is only 17 years old and has a knack for knocking out anything
musical that comes her way. What her ambitions are have not yet been
declared. The music world should take notice, this girl can play
whatever for anyone. Get her into the studio ASAP.”

She started playing at the age of 6 – see link above for the 6 years of practise plus covers of all the greatest rock solos of all time..

Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover