Some Celebrities Exciting Previous Careers

“The new long hard slog for the pinnacle
of Mount Celeb. Unless you’re the success of a reality TV show,
celebrity only comes after years of perform, taking odd jobs to cover
the bills and struggling constant rejection (if you are the winner of a
television show, the rejection employs you’re famous…). The majority of
celebs stick to the tried-and-tested jobs associated with waitress,
bartender and burger-flipper before they make it, however there are
others who have better jobs. No doubt the planets of
adult-film-set-design and cosmetics for the dead were i am sorry to lose
these particular people to the field of showbiz…but we’re glad that
they finally found their real calling. Delve into the dishonest days of
pre-fame in our The top 10 Celebrities who had Interesting Past Careers.


Angelina Jolie an undertaker? What a waste that would’ve been..