The Mind-Blowing Mandela Effect

“A lot of people can argue that they are certain things went down a particular way. Thanks to the internet, youtube, and high definition videos, it is easy to go back and discover what really happened.
A lapse in memory can happen to anyone, but when large groups agree
that they vividly remember a chain of events, its hard to classify this
as just a theory. But what is it that certain scientists and conspiracy
theorist say about the Mandela Effect? Many believe it is possible that those “incorrect” memories are actual scenarios that played out in an alternate universe.”

So the book which I and many others read –
Interview with a Vampire – even made into a move of the exactly same name. Try looking it up now on Amazon or anywhere – notice something not as you recall it? Any of your friends notice the same thing?”

We **think** it’s effects coming from the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland – the scientists working on that thing openly admit that they don’t know what effects it was going to have right from the start. Condering that one of things they are try to see is called the ‘God particle’ so that says to me for our level of knowledge it’s like giving a little kid a box of matches and saying “Here play with this and let ‘just see what happens” imho anyway..


alternate parallel universes? I’ve heard lots of poeple have been told about this..

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