15 Biggest Budget Movies Ever Made


I don’t watch films much myself these days, just to give you some perspective the last time I went to the pictures was for ‘The Green Mile’ (awesome story and fantastic acting btw)

“Hollywood has changed during the last decade dramatically and so have the budgets. In 2007, the average cost to produce a major movie was $65 million. Fast forward to 2017, the production cost is closer to $100 million.
The same has happened to the average movie ticket in the U.S increasing
from $6 to $8. There has also been an increased amount of films breaking the $200 million budget dollar mark.
Why so much? Because big production budgets mean big returns, or so
they hope. It also makes for a great marketing stunt throwing those big
production numbers out. Even though most of the films on this list ended up tripling returns, some did flop despite the hefty costs. Here are 15 biggest budget movies ever made:..”


Spiderman was only #6 🙁

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