School Lunches From Around the World

“It’s important that growing children eat healthy, but judging by the
appearances of some school lunches out there, it doesn’t seem like
schools like to deliver the goods. But with the help of her dad and the
Sweetgreen restaurant chain, 12-year-old Scottish schoolgirl Martha
Payne released a series of school lunch comparisons from countries
around the world on her blog, where she reviews the school lunches she
and others eat.

From a US or UK perspective, the school lunches in
many other countries seem mouth-wateringly fresh and varied. The
lunches from Brazil and South Korea especially stood out for their
delicious-looking variety. In other countries, unfortunately, lunch
ladies have earned reputations as distributors of foul, toxic

I notice that the UK isn’t included – we all know what UK school dinners look like and it ain’t half as good as any of these look lol


I’ll have the Greek please Miss…

26 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

“Everyone loves animals, but most are aware that if you don’t treat them
with the caution and respect they deserve, they can be very dangerous
indeed. However, some are not so clued up on this fact or either choose
to ignore it at their peril. Here we have several photographs taken just
before disaster struck to illustrate just how cautious you should be at


that’s not really what you want on a day at the seaside..

10 Notorious Coporate Cyber Attacks

“Cyber attacks seem to be all over the news recently. About a year ago President Obama declared a national emergency due to multiple malicious cyber attacks against the U.S. Just before the declaration expired this year he renewed the declaration for a year extending it to the next administration. Since then the FBI has been put primarily in charge of responding to, preventing and mitigating cyber attacks. The Department of Homeland Security and the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will also be assisting. I believe what broke the camels back were the 20,000 emails hacked and leaked. Before all of this happened there were other notorious cyber-attacks.”


the really worrying one i would say is #2: Google..

The Bohemian Grove – Playground For The Elite

Although it wouldn’t surprise me if all the world’s top people of money, power and influence did get together once a year to discuss their plans that will affect every single one of us to some greater or lesser extent, I’m not sure about this guy’s claims to what actually goes on behind the closed borders of Bohemian Grove is entirely accurate lol..

Things Every Elephant Lover Needs In Their Life

They are such peaceful creatures, they are the world’s largest land mammal and therefore by rights (maybe) they should be the planet’s apex predator on land at least – it must be because they vegetarian or something..? Anyway I’ve heard it takes quite a lot of provocation before they lose their tempers but when it does happen it can end in total chaos and you’d better get out of the way…

given the choice, I’d probably go for the bookends..

Artist Balances Rocks to Create Beautifully Gravity-Defying Towers of Zen

“Michael Grab, also known as Gravity Glue,
has made a name for himself with his skillfully arranged and remarkably
well-balanced stacks of rocks. The Colorado-based artist is adept at
finding an intrinsic balance within his natural supplies, perceiving a
harmony despite the chaotic conditions that surround each precarious
structure. Gravity is the only glue that holds his delicate formations
in a state of equilibrium. By finding small indentations that serve as
contact points between each stone, and incorporating meditation into
this therapeutic practice, Grab combines physical methodology with
equally vital mental components in order to tune into himself and his
environment, and find that essential place of stillness…”


This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men

“Out of the verified 100 oldest people in the world, only 5 were men. On average most women live from 5-10 years longer than men. Scientists can’t seem to pinpoint it but they say it has to do with cardiovascular health or stress others say it has to do with menstrual cycles and cells. Whatever the case might be the problem is that most men don’t even make it that far. During our 20’s us men go through a testosterone storm that usually leads us to do not so clever things. We lose all fear of consequences and act on impulse. This is why women live longer than men..”


yep. Women are a lot more sensible than men ..

The Mind-Blowing Mandela Effect

“A lot of people can argue that they are certain things went down a particular way. Thanks to the internet, youtube, and high definition videos, it is easy to go back and discover what really happened.
A lapse in memory can happen to anyone, but when large groups agree
that they vividly remember a chain of events, its hard to classify this
as just a theory. But what is it that certain scientists and conspiracy
theorist say about the Mandela Effect? Many believe it is possible that those “incorrect” memories are actual scenarios that played out in an alternate universe.”

So the book which I and many others read –
Interview with a Vampire – even made into a move of the exactly same name. Try looking it up now on Amazon or anywhere – notice something not as you recall it? Any of your friends notice the same thing?”

We **think** it’s effects coming from the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland – the scientists working on that thing openly admit that they don’t know what effects it was going to have right from the start. Condering that one of things they are try to see is called the ‘God particle’ so that says to me for our level of knowledge it’s like giving a little kid a box of matches and saying “Here play with this and let ‘just see what happens” imho anyway..


alternate parallel universes? I’ve heard lots of poeple have been told about this..

15 Biggest Budget Movies Ever Made

I don’t watch films much myself these days, just to give you some perspective the last time I went to the pictures was for ‘The Green Mile’ (awesome story and fantastic acting btw)

“Hollywood has changed during the last decade dramatically and so have the budgets. In 2007, the average cost to produce a major movie was $65 million. Fast forward to 2017, the production cost is closer to $100 million.
The same has happened to the average movie ticket in the U.S increasing
from $6 to $8. There has also been an increased amount of films breaking the $200 million budget dollar mark.
Why so much? Because big production budgets mean big returns, or so
they hope. It also makes for a great marketing stunt throwing those big
production numbers out. Even though most of the films on this list ended up tripling returns, some did flop despite the hefty costs. Here are 15 biggest budget movies ever made:..”


Spiderman was only #6 🙁