Underground Shelters Will Keep You Safe In Style


“A new perceived threat followed World War II and the Cold War. A fear
of getting hit by the nuclear “big one” became a way of life for
Americans and other countries all over the world. School drills telling
kids to hide under desks didn’t quell the nerves of some families. With
paranoia lurking everywhere, underground shelters began to pop up across
the globe.

Author and photographer Richard Ross sought these
shelters out during his travels and documented them for his project,
“Waiting for the End of the World.” These impressive structures
transformed over the years into tourist attractions, comfortable living
spaces, and even a night club. They look a lot better than you’d expect
from places where people would wait out the end of the world..”


Kelvedon Hatch in Essex, England

lol – a photoshop job surely?

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