Playful Lettering Alterations Transform Ordinary Words into Clever Illustrations

“This playful series by Ji Lee called Word as Image
is one that’s nearly 20 years in the making. It began as an assignment
for his typography class while in art school, which encouraged students
to see beyond the practicality of letterforms and instead play with
their shapes to discover their creative potential. “The challenge was
hard, so the reward of ‘cracking’ a word felt great,” Lee recalls. “This
became a lifelong project for me.”…”


Roomba – Is It Worth the Money?

Well according to this article the Roomba is a kind of totally automatic vacuum cleaner, navigates its own way round your house looking for dirt and dust and then takes itself back top its charging station when it’s about to run out of juice..

Also according to this article if you have never heard of this thing you must have been living under a rock for the past 10 years which is when the first version came onto the market – well I’d never seen anything like this until today myself – I must try and get out more! :p

Underground Shelters Will Keep You Safe In Style

“A new perceived threat followed World War II and the Cold War. A fear
of getting hit by the nuclear “big one” became a way of life for
Americans and other countries all over the world. School drills telling
kids to hide under desks didn’t quell the nerves of some families. With
paranoia lurking everywhere, underground shelters began to pop up across
the globe.

Author and photographer Richard Ross sought these
shelters out during his travels and documented them for his project,
“Waiting for the End of the World.” These impressive structures
transformed over the years into tourist attractions, comfortable living
spaces, and even a night club. They look a lot better than you’d expect
from places where people would wait out the end of the world..”


Kelvedon Hatch in Essex, England

lol – a photoshop job surely?

8 of the World’s Most Expensive Yachts Ever Purchased

“The trend is typically that no billionaire seems to be fulfilled until
they’ve purchased their own superyacht. Actually, it has been discovered
that the everyday billionaire invests roughly $22 million on their
yachts, according to Wealth-X and UBS Global Billionaire Census from a
November report.
Wealth-X’s newest study rates the priciest deluxe asset purchases of all
time, and it’s likely not surprising that 8 of the top 10 investments
are put into yachts.”

Why is it nearly all of these are owned by Russians? I thought all the big yachts were in Southampton :p


Serene, $330 million – This 440-foot Italian-designed yacht belongs to the Russian vodka
distributor (Yuri Scheffler, and it comes with turquoise neon lights
which present it with a nighttime glow. Altogether is has 48,000 square
feet – 7 decks – of covered space, which incorporates outdoor and indoor
pools, 12 staterooms as well as a screening room outdoors. It was
purchased by Scheffler in 2011.

Some Amazingly Coloured Animals

“All the makeup in all the Sephoras in all the world still couldn’t
hold a candle to the natural beauty these stunning animals were born
with. I’d be jealous, but I doubt I could pull off these shades
anyway.Some of them use their vibrant colors to ward off predators while
others are just plain pretty for no reason at all. One thing is for
certain, though. Nature can be a bright and beautiful place”


There are more than 100 different poison dart frog species all with bright colors to warn predators of their toxicity.

Homeless Man’s Unbelievable Transformation Into “Hipster” Makes Him Burst Into Tears

“When this homeless man in Spain was graciously given a makeover by a
local salon, he also got a new lease on life. With the help of some
scissors, hair dye, and a spiffy new outfit, Jose Antonio went from
scruffy street dweller to classy hipster, and could hardly recognise
himself afterwards.

known affectionately as Josete by locals in his native Palma, spent 25
years living on the street. Salva Garcia, owner of La Salvajeria hair
salon, invited Jose to come and get cleaned up. When they uncovered the
mirror to show him his freshly trimmed beard and lush brown hair, he
began to sob. “My God… Is this me?” He exclaims in a video of the
transformation produced by the salon.

Brimming with joy, Jose hit
the town. Locals who were used to his former appearance gasped in shock,
shouting compliments from afar. La Salvajeria has since revealed to
Spanish TV stations that Jose is now receiving financial assistance from
an unnamed company and is off the streets. “It wasn’t just a change of
look. It changed my life,” he told reporters.”


from this… this..


Unknown Identity Of “Benjaman Kyle” Revealed

“On August 31, 2004 at 5:00 am a beaten naked  man was found unconscious behind the dumpster of a Burger King. The man had no driver’s license, wallet or any other identification.After waking up at the hospital from being unconscious, the hospital staff asked for his name. All he could remember was his first name “Benjaman” with two a’s. He could not remember his last name or social security number.
The last name Kyle was his placeholder name provided at the hospital.
Benjaman suffered from cataracts on both eyes which he was able to
operate 9 months after a charity raised the money. Upon seeing himself
in the mirror, he was surprised to see he was 20 years older he thought he was…”

Click link above or picture to read the full story..


Realistic Large-Scale Sand Sculptures by Ray Villafane

“While Ray Villafane is best known for his expertise in the art
of food carving, he is also recognized for his magnificent, remarkably
realistic sand sculptures. Using just sand and water, the artist sculpts
incredibly detailed figures that tower above him as he works.
Funny-faced people, nativity scenes, and hellish creatures from
Dante’sInferno appear so lifelike that it’s hard to believe they were
formed from humble grains of sand.

Villafane only began sand
sculpting in 2008 after accepting a challenge in Jesolo, Italy. Despite
not having any experience working with the medium, he wowed viewers with
his exceptional craft, and since then has received invitations from all
over the world to take on new sand sculpting projects.”


The Man Who Stopped World War III From Happening

This event happened back in 1962, the man has been dead since 1998, Russia has had the Freedom of Information Act since 2010, but only now this story goes viral – in 2017? Come on all you professional journalists! You’ve got to react to news faster than this lol :-p

Seriously though, a (very belated) R.I.P. to this true hero and TRUE COMRADE! 🙂 from us at BaanLiam and I’m sure the rest of the world as well – at least the ones who have heard about Vasili anyway..


Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov