Update: Attack Site Status Fixed

Some of you may have noticed your web browsers or search engines flagging this website up as an ‘attack site’ which is potentially not safe.

If you come here regularly you may remember me posting that we were no longer accepting comments on the posts due to excessive spamming in the comments sections. Well I finally got around to looking into this today and it turned out that some of the spam comments contained hyperlinks into known malware sites 🙁

There were so many instances of this that it was going to be mammoth task to pick out the wood from the trees so I’ve ended up having to delete ALL comments ever made on this blog.

If you are a regular visitor and have left genuine comments (and I know there are plenty of you out there) then I am very sorry about this but needs must.

Thank you for your understandings and to mark this significant change I’m going green 🙂

Liam x


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