Amputee Gamer Has His Arm Replaced with Bionic One

“Gamers take care of each other. That’s what 26-year-old James Young
witnessed after his subway accident when he fell on tracks and lost left
leg and arm (among other injuries). During his recovery, he was
approached by the video game company Konami (the guys who were promoting
the new Metal Gear Solid game) who cooperated with high-tech scientists
to make James a bionic arm replacement.

prosthetic was designed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata, from the
Alternative Limb Project, and then given a Metal Gear Solid makeover,
among the neat gadgets incorporated into the robotic arm. These include a
light torch, USB ports for charging, a smartwatch and even a flying
drone which mounts on the shoulder.

The arm itself is controlled
by James’ shoulder muscles and is nimble enough to handle coin-sized
objects, which is no small feat for the prosthetics nowadays. The cost
of this bionic arm was around £60,000 (about $75,000), but as with all
technology, it should go down in price soon.”


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