Update: Attack Site Status Fixed

Some of you may have noticed your web browsers or search engines flagging this website up as an ‘attack site’ which is potentially not safe.

If you come here regularly you may remember me posting that we were no longer accepting comments on the posts due to excessive spamming in the comments sections. Well I finally got around to looking into this today and it turned out that some of the spam comments contained hyperlinks into known malware sites 🙁

There were so many instances of this that it was going to be mammoth task to pick out the wood from the trees so I’ve ended up having to delete ALL comments ever made on this blog.

If you are a regular visitor and have left genuine comments (and I know there are plenty of you out there) then I am very sorry about this but needs must.

Thank you for your understandings and to mark this significant change I’m going green 🙂

Liam x


TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Beaches in the World


My view is beaches are great, but very overrated as a factor in deciding where to pay 000s of pounds to go on holiday to..its just sand and seawater  – and varying numbers of mosquitoes (depending where you go).

Anyway TripAdvisor is all about the best places to go – as reviewed by normal travellers / holidaymakers and this is the count down on beaches side of things..


this one has got funny trees on it..(Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba)

Virtual Reality + Roller Coaster = Fun


“Get ready roller coaster fans. You’re in for the ride of your life. Six
flags, in conjunction with Samsung is offering you the ride of a
lifetime. They have decided to kick the thrills into overdrive with the
first virtual reality roller coaster available on the North American
Continent. Virtual reality has been changing the way that we look at
things for years but now roller coasters are getting in on the action”


Rio 2016 Olympic Venues Just 6 Months After The Olympics


“Summer is over for Brazil’s ‘marvellous city’. In a series of eerie and
depressing new photos released last week, the 2016 Summer Olympic venues
in Rio de Janeiro are seen filthy and deserted just 6 months after the
end of the games, including the legendary Maracana Stadium. In a city
that hoped desperately to be lifted out of poverty and debt by making
back the money they spent, these are the ruins of a shattered dream.”


Bad Kitchen Fails


“this is sure to make you feel much better about your own inadequacies in the
kitchen. Some of them are minor, some are major, and some are downright

I myself have recently had an incident making a banana milkshake For Alec and me whereby I overfilled the blender and it exploded all over the kitchen, including half of it landing in my dinner – Thai Nam Tok and banana milkshake don’t go well together…


I Forgot I Was Making Caramel At Work. It’s A Tad Overcooked

300 Intel Shooting Star Drones Making Images in the Night Sky


“Using 300 specially-designed “Shooting Star” drones, Intel kicked off
the half-time break of the Super Bowl by lighting up an American flag behind Lady Gaga.
Each drone acted as a ‘pixel’ in a 15×20 formation which could be lit
in four billion colour combinations. The cool bit is that all of the 300
drones were controlled only by two people, one of whom was there only
for backup.”


Pepsi logo

Amputee Gamer Has His Arm Replaced with Bionic One


“Gamers take care of each other. That’s what 26-year-old James Young
witnessed after his subway accident when he fell on tracks and lost left
leg and arm (among other injuries). During his recovery, he was
approached by the video game company Konami (the guys who were promoting
the new Metal Gear Solid game) who cooperated with high-tech scientists
to make James a bionic arm replacement.

prosthetic was designed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata, from the
Alternative Limb Project, and then given a Metal Gear Solid makeover,
among the neat gadgets incorporated into the robotic arm. These include a
light torch, USB ports for charging, a smartwatch and even a flying
drone which mounts on the shoulder.

The arm itself is controlled
by James’ shoulder muscles and is nimble enough to handle coin-sized
objects, which is no small feat for the prosthetics nowadays. The cost
of this bionic arm was around £60,000 (about $75,000), but as with all
technology, it should go down in price soon.”


Top 7 Minecraft Home Accessories


“By now, if you haven’t heard of Minecraft, you’re probably living under a
rock. If you have kids, chances are they’ve been obsessed with this
game at some point (or still are). Even if you don’t have kids, it’s
hard to escape the cultural phenomenon that is Minecraft. You probably
thought that only games with amazing graphics would be successful these
days, right? Well, when Minecraft arrived on the scene a few years back,
it proved that games didn’t need cutting-edge graphics for greatness,
and it’s taken its place among a list of amazing modern video games.

I dedicate this post to my younger son – Alec. Now get on with your homework!!!


ThinkGeek Minecraft Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger