Hidden Rainbow Hair Is The New Trend In London


“Want to do something crazy with your hair, but don’t want to get the weird looks on the street? Then Not Another Salon has a rather secretive solution for you.

The hairdressing salon posted a picture of a rainbow hairstyle on Instagram with the caption “Hidden rainbows are all the London rage right now. By Carla [Rinaldi],” which turned viral with over 12,000 likes so far.

idea is that the hair looks completely normal and ordinary until you
lift it and uncover a rainbow hidden within. Take a look.”

This article was posted a month ago so it may well now not be the new trend in London, but if it isn’t they’re gonna have a hard time thinking up something better than this..


Street Artist Makes The Trolleybus Disappear


“4th annual Vilnius Street Art
festival is hitting the capital of Lithuania, and with it comes an
awesome variety of artworks by street artists from around the globe.
One, in particular, has caught our attention, which utilizes the city’s
famous public transport – the trolleybuses.

Parulskis was invited to leave a mark in his hometown and collaborating
with the festival organizers and Studio Vieta he came up with an idea
to make the trolleybuses disappear into the cityscape of Vilnius.

A Vanishing Trolleybus project
aims to break the normality and surprise the audience by offering an
unexpected point of view to the reality. It just disappears by
camouflaging itself into the landscape.”