1998 – The Beginning of a Car Obsesssion


“The year was 1998. I’m a freshman in high school and whole-heartedly
addicted to Final Fantasy VII for the original Sony Playstation. After
far too many weeks of playing after school nearly every day and my
counter stuck at 99 hours of gameplay for, well, probably more than 99 additional hours, I beat the final boss, Sephiroth. It was no easy task.

But now what? I’ve played through all my other games, and Final Fantasy VIII wasn’t coming out for almost another year!

My friend recommended a new game called Gran Turismo – a racing simulator he said had “crazy awesome graphics.”..

Need for Speed eventually came along and superseded Gran Turismo, back when I used to enjoy computer games I loved the driving games but I was never good enough at any of the 2000’s games to actually be able to see them through to the bitter end so I lost heart in all games and switched to Linux on my desktop PC at home 🙂 no more waiting for ages for Windows to finally finish booting itself up and no more blue screening..


Gran Turismo 1

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