Stephen Hawking Predicts “This Pill Will Change Humanity”

“Recently Hawking made some comments in an interview about a brain booster that would become the ‘biggest event in human history'”

This news is breaking on the Web today so I’m not sure if it’s for real or not but if it’s on the telly tonight on BBC news then this is quite a discovery..


Stories of Ridiculous Customers Told by Retail Workers

e.g. “”I used to work in a small supermarket and we had a lady return a
disposable barbecue because ‘it’s just got lumps of black stuff in it.’
She had seen the picture on the front of the box that showed burgers and
sausages on it and assumed they came with the barbecue.””


I’m just off to Morrissons to get myself one of these now ..

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016 Finalists

“It all started in 1965. There were about 500 entries back then, but now,
more than fifty years later, it attracted almost 50,000 of them from
professionals and amateurs from 95 countries. All images are rated in
three categories: originality, creativity, and technical excellence..”


Splitting The Catch By Audun Rikardsen, Norway

1998 – The Beginning of a Car Obsesssion

“The year was 1998. I’m a freshman in high school and whole-heartedly
addicted to Final Fantasy VII for the original Sony Playstation. After
far too many weeks of playing after school nearly every day and my
counter stuck at 99 hours of gameplay for, well, probably more than 99 additional hours, I beat the final boss, Sephiroth. It was no easy task.

But now what? I’ve played through all my other games, and Final Fantasy VIII wasn’t coming out for almost another year!

My friend recommended a new game called Gran Turismo – a racing simulator he said had “crazy awesome graphics.”..

Need for Speed eventually came along and superseded Gran Turismo, back when I used to enjoy computer games I loved the driving games but I was never good enough at any of the 2000’s games to actually be able to see them through to the bitter end so I lost heart in all games and switched to Linux on my desktop PC at home 🙂 no more waiting for ages for Windows to finally finish booting itself up and no more blue screening..


Gran Turismo 1

The Forever Moving Typographic Graffiti In India

“‘Time changes everything‘ is the newest art piece in the
Lodhi colony area of New Delhi by the India-based graffiti artist Daku,
who takes the sundial concept to a whole new level.

by the ancient technique of measuring time, Daku has created a sort of
graffiti in motion, which constantly changes with the passage of time.
The words that appear with the sunshine symbolize the things that are
forever with us just like the sun and time itself.

Not a lot is
known about Daku, except that his works tend to incorporate social
commentary and that translated from Hindi his nickname means bandit.
Connect the rest of the pieces yourself…”


End of Comments

Dear readers,

Most of you have probably not noticed but I totally disabled the comments code for this site last week so no new comments can be posted I’m afraid. This decision wasn’t taken lightly but the reason I have had to do this is that 99% of the comments were spam, some very obvious and some quite subtle but still spam all the same.

 If you want to promote your business then pay a bit of money for a proper advertisement you fucking wankers 🙁 Now you’ve spoilt it for the handful of visitors who have tried to start genuine discussions off of some of my posts.


Meteorite Or Meteorwrong?

Here’s an adaptation of
wonderful flowchart devised by Deborah Guedes and colleagues
in Brazil. Although deliberately simple, we suspect that most experienced
meteorite hunters would have little criticism with the logic.

If you find a rock that you suspect is a meteorite or part of a larger one then use this flowchart to work out if it actually is one or not.


click pic to see enlarged one that you can actually read 🙂

How To Defeat The Fear Of Death

“To some this is the cruelest of all the basic fears.


The reason is obvious. The terrible pangs of fear associated with the thought of death, in the majority of cases,may be charged directly to religious fanaticism. So-called “heathen” are lessafraid of death than the more “civilized.” For hundreds of millions of years manhas been asking the still unanswered questions, “whence” and “whither.”Where did I come from, and where am I going? During the darker ages of thepast, the more cunning and crafty were not slow to offer the answer to these questions, FOR A PRICE. Witness, now, the major source of origin of the FEAR OF DEATH.”


How to Make Google Forget Your History Information?

“Google collects all available information on the various services, with
the excuse to send targeted advertising and facilitate data searches on
the Internet. However, a new tool called “My activity” to analyze and
configure the information stored by Google about you .”

It’s a new tool that I reckon Google have probably been ordered to create by some legal court decision somewhere. Article linked above explains more but the actual tool and granular settings are here