You Are Not a Photographer

Quoting the site’s authors:

“To many of you, the reason we started this site is painfully obvious.
You’re a professional photographer that’s noticed 100 other “pros” pop
up over night, or you’re not a photographer but noticed that all of the
sudden 9 out of 10 of your Facebook friends have a professional
photography site.

Cheaper cameras and accessibility to clients created a boom of bad
photography, something we here call “fauxtography.” Buy a $600 Canon
Rebel, start a Facebook fan page and boom, you think you’re a

Two of us started the site after looking through the Facebook albums
of one of these fauxtogs obsessively for a few days. We couldn’t get
enough. And then more of our Facebook friends started photography pages
and their photography was even worse. We were hooked. We passed links
back and forth over email for a few weeks before realizing that other
people needed to see this stuff. We created a little Tumblr blog, which
has since moved here. Threw up some ugly graphics and barely spent any
attention on design, but within weeks the site was going bananas.
Apparently we struck a cord with a lot of people.”


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