Top 25 Nude Scenes from 2014

most dramatic and surprising development of 2014 was
not the scene that won, although that was
awe-inspiring, but the scene it beat out. Suppose
you knew a couple of years ago that Scarlett
Johansson would do a completely nude role with
several minutes of naked running time and no body
doubles, no bad lighting, no CGI, and no other film
tricks designed to obscure her private parts. What
odds would you have given that such a scene would be
chosen as the best and most popular of the year?
Astronomical, right? How could anything beat that?
Well, something did. The gorgeous Alexandra
Daddario, possessing a haunting pair of eyes and a
flawlessly sexy body, took off her clothing and
exposed every square inch of that flesh in an
episode of True Detective. In the process, she
managed to relegate the voluptuous Johansson to
second place. Bravo, Alexandra! But where can you go
from here?”


#22 – Elizabeth Olsen in Oldboy

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