The Secrets of Street Names & House Values

As featured in the New York Times some time ago. You would have thought that most street names were just arbitrarily and randomly chosen according to some sort of slightly distinctive feature on them.

According to this article there’s a lot more to it than that..


Apologies to the Old Trafford crew – I couldn’t think of a better example road to google for for this pic

Expensive Domain Price Guide

You can buy certain domain names from the big providers now for a couple of quid in some cases, but did you know that certain domain names can cost into the multimillions for a single domain name.

This pages lists what you’re likely to pay for some of the big hitter domains. Clicking through each link goes to the associated press story behind the sale.

Bear in mind though that this list is just the ones we know about – 90% of sales (especially the expensive ones) go unreported and there will have been prices in the billions for the best ones..


3-numeric .com domain sells for £17,000,000

How To Make A Paper Plane Fly Forever

“The principal is the same as in real aviation: thermals. Thermals allow
real sailplanes to fly for hours. As real thermals are to strong for our
selfmade paper airplane, we are using a miniature thermal that everyone
has in his kitchen: Hotplates. Four hot plates producing hot air which
rises and let our paperplane fly as long as we want. The paper aeroplane
must be centered while it performs it turns, in the middle of the for
heating plates.”

Top 25 Nude Scenes from 2014

most dramatic and surprising development of 2014 was
not the scene that won, although that was
awe-inspiring, but the scene it beat out. Suppose
you knew a couple of years ago that Scarlett
Johansson would do a completely nude role with
several minutes of naked running time and no body
doubles, no bad lighting, no CGI, and no other film
tricks designed to obscure her private parts. What
odds would you have given that such a scene would be
chosen as the best and most popular of the year?
Astronomical, right? How could anything beat that?
Well, something did. The gorgeous Alexandra
Daddario, possessing a haunting pair of eyes and a
flawlessly sexy body, took off her clothing and
exposed every square inch of that flesh in an
episode of True Detective. In the process, she
managed to relegate the voluptuous Johansson to
second place. Bravo, Alexandra! But where can you go
from here?”


#22 – Elizabeth Olsen in Oldboy

Jesus Geneaology

Infographic showing where Jesus Christ fits in in the scheme of things according to the Bible.

I’m not really into religion in a big way but I got into the Thai version of Buddhism during my prolonged stay there. However my philosophy is more along the lines of the New Age movement’s ideology..not that anyone reading this could care less anyway..:-D


Ancient Aliens

The (many) TV series of the same name got me fascinated in this subject. There’s just too many ‘coincidences’ and unexplained  structures and stories in ancient texts like the Old Testament, Talmud, Koran etc for there not to be something to all this. World governments don’t think we’re ready to hear the truth – they deny it all to avoid a wide-scale change in peoples’ outlook’s on life and subsequent possible revolutions that could result from that.

Not that I’m really bothered anyway unless I happen to come face-to-face with an ET it doesn’t really occupy my thoughts too much,..


the Annunaki connection

20 Secret Rituals & Superstitions of Top Athletes Revealed

“Great athletes of the world have one thing that the others don’t: consistency. They are ready to perform at a world class level nearly every single time they play their game and that’s what makes them special. But in order to maintain such a high level, one must have some mental buffs as well. For some it’s faith, but sometimes even just faith alone is not enough, so superstition comes along. In big chunks too.”


Tiger Woods : Tiger has hit headlines for his off-course, erm,
activities more than on-course in recent years. As a result, his
tradition of wearing red on the final day of every tournament doesn’t
quite have the same impact it once had.

Every Episode of Every Star Trek Series Ever – Ranked & Reviewed!

Article on the Playboy website – there’s seven pages of facts, opinions and other info on all the Star Trek series, including the original Star Trek episodes through TNG, DS9, Voyager etc – click on link above to get to the article – this goes for all my posts. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone that but having found someone who’d trawled my site and didn’t understand what the hell the thing I keep putting at the top of all my posts was for!

P.S you can also just click the pictures on my posts to go to the featured page as well. So now you know, if you didn’t before, I’m not going to mention it again :-p

The Price of Weed

Compare the price of equivalent strains of skunk weed or other types of cannabis with others in your same area or see how much they pay for it in other places around the world. Looks like currently it’s mostly N America data but some Brits have posted on this – this site would be awesomely brilliant if people going on holiday or working abroad could contribute so that wherever you go you’ve got a fair idea of what you should be paying eh?

priceof weed.png