Impressive Body Paint Blends Models Into NYC Backgrounds

“Body painter Trina Merry
has made a few people invisible in a city with more than 8 million
bodies. The artist has models pose in front of New York City scenes and
then goes through a painstaking painting process, replicating the
background on their bare skin. The final piece is in the form of a
photograph captured at just the right angle to make the figures nearly


By 2025, Sexbots Will Be Commonplace..

According to a new report that
looks at how continuing improvements to artificial intelligence and
robotics will impact society, “robotic sex partners will become
commonplace” by 2025. A large portion of the report also focuses on how
AI and robotics will impact both blue- and white-collar workers, with
about 50% of the polled experts stating that robots will displace more
human jobs than they create by 2025.”


The Things Men Say To Women On The Street

“Street harassment is defined as any unwanted gawking, whistling, commenting and/or physical contact of a sexual nature — something that up to 99 percent of women report experiencing
in their lifetimes. In case you needed proof that the sidewalk can be a
hostile place for women, these are just a few of the things female
editors at The Huffington Post have heard while walking down the street:”