Mathematicians Figure Out What Makes Women Beautiful

“After studying the movements of women for years, finally we get
scientific confirmation of what we’re seeing: Researchers at Cambridge
University in the U.K. have figured out exactly what makes a perfect
swivel-hipped walk with “a more angular swaying and bounce to the hips.”
The mathematicians got out their slide rules, calculators, blow-up
dolls and binoculars, scientifically determining the perfect ratio of
waist to hips. Their results? The closer that ratio is to 0.7 (waist
measurement is 70% of the hip measurement), the sexier the swagger.”


Jessica Alba

Past and Present – Blended

“In 2010, photographer Seth Taras
created a series of photographs for a worldwide marketing campaign for
the History Channel with the message “Know Where You Stand.” The
photographer shot photos at locations around the world where major
historical events happened, and then blended old photos showing those
events from the same perspective. It’s the same “then and now” concept
that has become quite popular over the past few years.”

If you like that, there’s Amsterdam then and now and WWII soldiers in modern day France


Allied soldiers rushing the beach at Normandy, June 1944