Paris Time Capsule Apartment

“The owner of this apartment, Mrs. De Florian left Paris just before the
rumblings of World War II broke out in Europe. She closed up her
shutters and left for the South of France, never to return to the city
again. Seven decades later she passed away at the age of 91. It was only
when her heirs enlisted professionals to make an inventory of the
Parisian apartment she left behind, that this time capsule was finally


Red Bull Presents The Kluge

“Its name refers to a German loanword meaning “a witty, yet
inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task,” an
ipso facto descriptor for the ever-popular Rube Goldberg machine.”

“The six-minute final edit took four hours to film… and the structures
themselves took over 100 builders a total of 3,400+ hours over the
course of 17 days of construction, to say nothing of the months of