Futility Closet


“An idler’s miscellany of compendious amusements” – ’nuff said’ as good old Bernard Trink of The Bangkok Post would put it..

man-and-machine-1.jpgWilliam Dean Howells to Mark Twain, Nov. 5, 1875: “The type-writer came Wednesday night, and is already beginning to have
its effect on me. Of course it doesn’t work: if I can persuade some of
the letters to get up against the ribbon they won’t get down again
without digital assistance. The treadle refuses to have any part or
parcel in the performance; and I don’t know how to get the roller to turn with the paper. Nevertheless I have begun several letters to My d ar lemans,
as it prefers to spell your respected name, and I don’t despair yet of
sending you something in its beautiful handwriting-after I’ve had a man
out from the agent’s to put it in order. It’s fascinating in the
meantime, and it wastes my time like an old friend”