Sexy & Explicit Advertisements

“Sexuality has been employed in advertising in ads
are of many types and consist of a variety of elements. They often are
grounded in visual elements, such as attractive models, and may portray
varying degrees of nudity and suggestiveness. Over the past two decades,
the use of increasingly explicit sexual imagery in consumer-oriented
print advertising has become almost commonplace.”

We all know that sex sells – see this page also for a lot more examples..


YouTube Picks #184 – Touring the Ocean Bottom

“The ocean — it is the most prominent feature on Earth, and of
immeasurable importance to life on the planet. But what would it look
like if all of the water was drained out of it? Mountains and valleys
that dwarf Everest; shifting plates and undersea volcanoes; seams,
ripples, and plains. Though ships have mapped only a small portion of
the ocean floor, satellites are used to generate incredibly details maps
of the bottom of the ocean. By sensing the minute gravitational changes
that pull, push, and bulge the ocean surface, the bottom’s shape can be
inferred from space. These bathymetric maps reveal the incredibly
dynamic terrain of the ocean. Where available, ship-based measurements
are included to provide even higher detail.
This visualization tours
the ocean floor from the gentle continental slopes to the deepest
trenches using data analyzed and archived by NOAA. Does it look
familiar? It is actually the same data that Google has incorporated into
Google Earth and Ocean.”

Hassle Me

“Not eating enough fruit? Forgot to feed the fish again?
Need a little help keeping your New Year’s resolutions?
Tell us what to
hassle you about, and we’ll nag you via email at semi-unpredictable intervals

HassleMe is unique because you never quite know when your
reminder will come along.”

Brilliant idea for things that are not fixed appointments…


Check your Biorhythm Charts for This Month

“Biorhythm charts illustrate the principle that we are influenced by
physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles. Many people report that
they can improve the quality of their lives by monitoring the highs and
lows of these cycles and acting accordingly. For example, you might try
to schedule important exams during your intellectual highs, avoid
talking to your significant other during your emotional lows, or
arranging the lineup of your baseball team around their physical highs.”

I’m not sure whether this is a real thing or not – I usually wake feeling like crap every morning and nothing much seems to change,

Here are my charts for this month anyway..


Futility Closet

“An idler’s miscellany of compendious amusements” – ’nuff said’ as good old Bernard Trink of The Bangkok Post would put it..

man-and-machine-1.jpgWilliam Dean Howells to Mark Twain, Nov. 5, 1875: “The type-writer came Wednesday night, and is already beginning to have
its effect on me. Of course it doesn’t work: if I can persuade some of
the letters to get up against the ribbon they won’t get down again
without digital assistance. The treadle refuses to have any part or
parcel in the performance; and I don’t know how to get the roller to turn with the paper. Nevertheless I have begun several letters to My d ar lemans,
as it prefers to spell your respected name, and I don’t despair yet of
sending you something in its beautiful handwriting-after I’ve had a man
out from the agent’s to put it in order. It’s fascinating in the
meantime, and it wastes my time like an old friend”