Hitler’s Bunker and the Ruins of Berlin


14 rare pictures of the scenes from the dying stages of World War 2

“In April 1945, as Russian and German troops fought — savagely, street by
street — for control of the German capital, it became increasingly
clear that the Allies would win the war in Europe. Not long after the
two-week battle ended, 33-year-old LIFE photographer William Vandivert
was on the scene, photographing Berlin’s devastated landscape.”


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The Fucking Word of the Day


“Improving your lexicon one fucking word at a time.
Many of you reading this are already familiar with the concept of The Word of the Day. You may already subscribe to Dictionary.com or some variation thereof. Well, this is a new spin on an old favorite. Here’s the idea: things are easier to learn when it involves sex, drugs, and fucking swearing.

Why? Because we’re interested in that shit.
Let’s say you’re trying to learn the word fecund.
Fecund means: capable of producing offspring or vegetation; fruitful; prolific.

Now here’s the example sentence that dictionary.com gives:
In her first novel she portrays a lush, fecund landscape palpable in its sultriness and excess.
and here’s The Fucking Word of the Day’s:

Octomom’s vagina is marvelously fecund.
Which one do you think you’ll remember in ten minutes”