Scientific Mysteries

5 of the biggest mysteries facing modern science today. I have to say that No.3 in this list is one that I’ve been wondering a lot about in the last few years. Francis Crick himself the co-discoverer of DNA raised this question some time ago saying that the DNA structures in even the simplest single-cell creature are too complex to have just come into being ‘by accident’..


an amoeba

Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising

The online advertising companies track your web browsing habits using cookies which they place on your computer. Most people will have heard of DoubleClick which has been around for years. These tracking cookies help their computers decide what adverts to display on the webpages that you visit. The above page belongs to the Network Advertising Initiative and allows you to opt out of this..


Students Demonstrate Innovative iPad Book Page Flip

“One major complaint about reading an eBook is the experience; holding an iPad is just not the same as holding a book and thumbing through the pages. This complaint may lose some of its weight if the folks at the KAIST Institute of Information Technology Convergence can get their patented Smart E-Book Interface Prototype out of the lab and into the wild.”