World Population – Where it’s Thick and Where it’s Thin

Some places have a lot of people – China and India, for example – and some have only a few – Mongolia. This page exhibits some good photography which illustrates this concept beautifully..


The Skerries in the Shetland Isles – funnily enough I’ve actually been to the Skerries as I used to live on a fairly nearby island…cold and bleak but the Shetlands have the best people

News Stories That Fooled Mainstream Media

“With the advent of the Internet, the situation has changed so that instead of powerful media moguls spreading bullshit, pretty much anybody can do it. After all, if the story is good enough, the mainstream media will report it, no matter how transparently retarded it is.”


#4 – “Study finds that President George W Bush has lowest IQ among presidents of last 50 years” (actually this may well be true)…