555 numbers


555 telephone numbers are a range that, in the USA, have been left aside by the telcos there so that they can be used in film, TV and radio over there. Let’s face it, if someone mentions in a film that someone like Brad Pitt’s character’s number is 324 6754 then there will be those in the audience will try and call that number. For that reason if you ever here a telephone number quoted in an American movie it will be a 555 number that is nobody else’s real number.

The above site lists the numbers and what film/program they have been used in and in what context.


Scan Your Books For a Dollar


You send your books to the company, they scan them into a PDF and email them back to you for a buck a book (plus shipping).

The above article examines the new service.

Sex Advice from Hollister Models


“Ah, summer in New York. The season of movies in the park, weekends in the Hamptons, and models standing nearly naked on street corners. For those of you not lucky enough in a town with a Hollister, each summer, the clothing store hires hunky young gentleman and pays them… to stand around and do nothing. Our intrepid reporter dodged the floor manager to ask them about sex, dating, and how it feels to be really, really good-looking.”