Spiderman Reviews Crayons


“Hey, true believers! I’m Spider-Man, and I’ve got like, 800,000 points of articulation. You might think sitting under fake plants is my favorite
pastime, but joke’s on you…it’s only my second. My favorite thing in the world is coloring. You know, with crayons. I’ve drawn everything from aardvarks to zebras, boats to castles…you name it, I’ve crayonned the shit out of it.”


Word Origins


“This is the list, some 400 word and phrase origins. The words and
phrases are selected because their origins are inherently interesting
or because some bit of folklore, sometimes true and sometimes false, is
associated with the origin.”


It should be no surprise that the word bagel comes from the Yiddish beygel. Ultimately, it’s a diminutive of the Middle High German boug-, meaning ring or bracelet. So a bagel is a “little ring.”