Email Alibi

EmailAlibi: the email service with a twist. Send your emails today and have them delivered at a future date.

  • Send yourself reminders that important people such as your mother-in-law has a birthday coming up.
  • Send friends random surprises. After a great party or vacation send them a surprise in a year and tell them you had a great time.
  • Maintain your alibi. Send people emails telling them you are at work when you instead are in jail or visiting your mistress.


Distributed Computing

For the uninitiated a distributed system uses the number crunching power of multiple computers all working towards a common goal. Typically people who would like to donate their computers’ idle time download software which runs while their computer is not being used. The more well-known examples include SETI – the search for extra-terrestrial radio signals from outer space, and the ones being used in medical research (to find cures for cancer etc)…

The above-linked site gives an up-to-date list of all the current distributed computing projects.


Webpage Change Detector

“ provides page change monitoring and notification
services to internet users worldwide. Anyone can use our service to monitor any website page for changes. Just fill in the form below, we will create a change log for the
page and alert you by email when we detect a change in the page text. We’ve been doing it since 1999. It’s free.”


ever seen the rest of THIS site?

iPad on Star Trek

How Star Trek artists imagined the iPad – 23 years ago…

“One interesting characteristic of Star Trek: The Next Generation—one that separated it from the original series and most of the early films—was its widespread use of smooth, flat, touch-based control panels throughout the Enterprise-D. This touch interface was also used for
numerous portable devices known as “Memory Alpha: PADD”>PADDs, or Personal Access Display Devices. These mobile computing terminals bear a striking resemblance to Apple’s iPad—a mobile computing device largely defined by its smooth, flat touchscreen interface.”