Prisoners’ Inventions

This project was a collaboration with Angelo, an incarcerated artist. He illustrated many incredible inventions made by prisoners to fill needs that the restrictive environment of the prison tries to suppress. The inventions cover everything from homemade sex dolls, condoms, salt and pepper shakers to chess sets. We collaborated on this project with Angelo for over two years. We had many additional collaborators who made a book, exhibition of re-created inventions and a prison cell possible. This page offers an overview of the project thus far.


a cigarette lighter – there are larger readable images on site and photos of all the stuff

Harmonic Wheel

More of the internet widget category that I have been posting about recently.

“In three minutes, the largest dot will travel around the circle once, the next largest dot will travel around the circle twice, the next
largest dot three times, and so on.The dots are arranged to trigger notes on a chromatic scale when they pass the line”

There are 20 variations of this with harmonic and chromatic scales and others all generated together with the use of a  graphic.


The Recurring Prop Newspaper

“If you watch enough television shows and movies, then you might even start to notice that a bunch of the same props are used over and over again. I first noticed this with a magazine prop in various television shows including Married With Children, which featured a gum advertisement on the back cover. Someone on Reddit recently put together a compilation of photos from various television shows, commercials and movies, showing how one newspaper prop gets
around and is reused, and reused again.”


Al  from ‘Married with Children with said paper