The Universal Record Database

A competitor to the Guinness Book this site brings world records to the internet with a searchable database.

From the site: “URDB is an open platform for world records. We welcome you to get involved, whether discussing records, beating records or setting new ones of your own. Let’s grow this project collectively and push the limits of what mankind can do.”

The fastest time to recite the first 100 digits of Pi in 30.12 seconds while twisting a Rubik’s Cube and balancing 15 books on her head.

Curta Mechanical Computer

Precursor of the modern computer – this device is:

– Entirely mechanical, no electricity or batteries involved.
– Designed by Curt Herzstark in 1938 and perfected inside a concentration camp.
– Considered to be the most efficient portable calculator (until electronic calculators came in the 70s)
– Simply a thing of beauty, stunning piece of engineering art.

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