Size Does Count

As seen on The Nation website in Bangkok.

“Men’s instinctive concern over their penis size will soon be discussed
more openly – or even boasted about – with the news that an official penis measuring device is being introduced to Thailand. About to be launched under the Public Health Ministry’s “Condom for All” campaign, a disposable paper measuring tape will tell guys which size condom will give them the best comfort and protection.”

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Measuring tape

Career Planner

Assign priorities to different values and statements about work and this site will match your preferences to some potential careers.

This is what it suggested to me:

Safety Coordinator
Environmental Manager
Feed Mill Technician
Feed Mill Manager
Farrowing Department
Lead Environmental Technician
Breeding and Gestation Department Lead
Recruitment and Training Coordinator
Chief Operating Officer

Hmm, I don’t know what half of these jobs are but I did always fancy being a mechanic though.