Have You Ever Wondered?


21 pages of questions posed about landmarks and everyday objects like dollar bills and the like. Some of the questions have little footnotes giving some insight into the answers behind these questions although I’m not sure how well researched this all is.

However there are some pretty interesting observations made though…


the Vatican courtyard is in the shape of a keyhole – and doesn’t the design in the centre look a bit like the Union Jack flag?

Very Short Stories


You’ll notice from the link above that VSS is on the Twitter site. If you have problems staying awake when trying to read normal fiction, then maybe this feed is for you.

Examples include:

“Do you love me Phillip?” asked Pricilla. “That’s a silly question,” he replied, still
looking at his paper. “I thought so,” she said.”

4am. You are asleep. I am awake. I am eating your Easter candy. In the morning, I will pretend we have been robbed.


Edgar Allan Poe wrote some very good short stories – they were not as short as the stories on this site though

Retro Websites


Do you remember when the World Wide Web was in its infancy / toddler years? Websites looked so much simpler. Or did they? I would venture that site navigation is a whole lot easier these days. The Yahoo! site, for example, was a bewildering list of categories and sub-categories listed on the front page without much of a thought for aesthetics at all.

This site is here to remind you of the bad old days…actually if you’ve seen the rest of this site (www.baanliam.com) you’ll probably realize that I haven’t bothered to redesign much since I first published back in 2004 – yep, I’m a lazy bugger!


100 Website Naming Disasters


Summary of the rules:

1. There’s a website AND
2. It’s an active website AND
3. There’s a double meaning AND
4. It’s not deliberate

There’s some very unfortunate examples on this page – for example:
– 1hourscrap.com – which is a site about scrapbook making
– analtech.com – which is about analytical technology products
– arsequipment.com – which is about asphalt maintenance

…and so on