Ancient Chinese Tricks

“The best thing about mind/body training is how it makes you feel inside. But maybe the second best thing is, it lets you do impressive stuff you couldn’t do otherwise. Like make it impossible for someone much bigger than yourself to bend your arm. Or make your body feel so heavy that two people can’t lift you off the ground – even though they could a moment before. These Cool-Ki tricks are certainly cool, but they also teach you a lot about your mind/body state.”


What would Jesus do?

Site opened a challenge asking what Jesus would do in certain situations – people post amusing images in a bid to win the challenge. There’s some pretty heavy satire here so if you’re a devout Christian who’s easily offended then maybe you shouldn’t look at this one…

Site actually has a lot more ongoing challenges than just the Jesus one (which is now closed).

Jesus H Christ.jpg

Dynamic Earth

Masquerading under the same name as the perpetual exhibition in Edinburgh Dynamic Earth is an online exhibition about the birth of our solar system and the development of our planet Earth. The site is divided into 4 sections, “Gems and Minerals”, “Rocks and Mining, “Plate Tectonics and Volcanoes” and “The Solar System”. Browse through the interactive site to watch a video about the birth of the Sun, view images taken by the Hubble Telescope, see maps of our ancient continents and learn about the hidden stories held within rocks, gems and minerals and other geologocal phenomena.


Fly Fishing

Read all about the history of this addictive practise –  this site was of great interest to myself – but that’s probably because I used to be into this kind of thing. Did you know that fly fishing was widely practiced in Europe as far back as the 13th Century? And some cultures have been doing it since 200 A.D.? Guess they didn’t have carbon fibre rods and all that back then though…


Adams dry fly.


Learn how to speak Arabic

This site teaches you how to speak Arabic as it is spoken in the Gulf states – you need to register to get the whole course but it’s free. Mouseover for pronunciation sound effects and step-by-step learning with useful phrases for different situations…I’m not sure how different the language is from what is spoken in some of the North African countries  – but suspect they would know what you’re saying over there whatever you’re speaking…:-))


This is a bit off topic but here’s myself and Bill (my eldest) in the Pentlands a couple of months ago.