Your Birthday Star

Work out what your birthday star is – this is what it said about mine…

“Your birthday star is in the constellation Pegasus. It has the name ╬╣ (Iota) Pegasi in Johann Bayer’s Uranometria star catalog. It is also called 24 Pegasi in the Historia C┼ôlestis Britannica of John Flamsteed and Edmund Halley. It is called NS 2207+2520 A in the NStars database.

It has visual magnitude 3.77 meaning that you could see this star with the naked eye in good viewing conditions. It is marked in the center of this star chart, at celestial coordinates (J2000 equinox):
Right ascension         22:7:0.7
Declination        25:20:42.4

This star is 38.3 light years away, which means that the light we see from it today set off on its journey at about the same time that you were born. Come back in a month or two and your birthday star may change, as the light from more distant stars reaches Earth.”


Freecycle is a place where people can exchange unwanted goods totally for free…there is currently an independent site for  4,180 different places around the world and you can monitor people’s posts for items that you think you might want, contact the donator and then go and pick up the item for free – much more economical than EBay!

Membership is free – just search for your locality and sign up for the newsletters.


The Urban Etiquette Handbook

An interesting read written in the New York Guide site – fairly in-depth dissemination of categories like ‘Getting along’, ‘Love and Sex’, ‘Cell Phones and IPods’ and other stuff

Many of the principles occur in all major population centres in the West so it’s not just about NY City.

If you’re an adult this is definitely worth a read…


Nice day on Manhatten Island


There is no need to be deterred by cloudy skies when you can go stargazing from the comfort of your own computer. Welcome to Stellarium – a 3-dimensional planetarium that displays real-time photo-realistic skies that you can view from your PC. Download the free software, set your co-ordinates, engage :-)) and watch as the galaxy unfolds. Armchair astronomers will see stars, atmospheres, nebulas, planets, constellations and loads of other star stuff…


The Sun.

Sacred Destinations

“Here you will find articles, photo
galleries, maps and illustrations of churches, cathedrals, sacred
mountains, sacred rivers, mosques, synagogues, temples, biblical
sites, Marian shrines, abbeys, places of pilgrimage, Roman ruins,
stone circles, earth vortexes, Zen monasteries, Shinto shrines,
Protestant historical sites, Jewish museums, religious artifacts,
mysterious places… simply any “site or sight” considered
sacred, holy, religious or spiritual….”



One of my all-time favourite sites, Pandora is kind of like internet radio tailored to whatever music you are in the mood for. It asks you for a genre/artist/song and then proceeds to work out a playlist of stuff it thinks you’re gonna like…It’s got an immense database these days – you can find some pretty obscure stuff on this amazing site created by the founders of the Music Genome project.


…even the one and only is featured ;-))

Make your own Thai food

Thai table tells you how to make a lot of the classic Thai dishes, all about the ingredients, what sort of equipment you need and has articles like ‘The truth about peanut sauce’ – I swear there’s no such thing in Thailand – how the hell did it come to be associated?

Also where to find suppliers for the ingredients etc. in places besides the US (for a change) – if you like Thai grub then check this site out!


A typical sight of a street vendor in Bangkok.


Flip is a ship with the ability to float both horizontally and vertically. It was built as a scientific research station to measure things like how storm waves are generated and also how sound moves underwater and stuff…Find out how it works, who works there, what they do and there’s pictures and video clips as well.



Strange New Products

This is a blog about all the more unusual products out there on the market with entries like ‘Wedgie-proof underwear’ and ‘Stainless steel lollipops’ (really these are real mass-produced products!) Furthermore the site also links to the home pages of these products and to places where you can actually buy this weird stuff.


These are caffeinated sunflower seeds!