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I'm sure I've featured this one before, possibly more than once, but it's so great I thought I'd post it again...



"Marina Amaral is an amazing artist that restores old black and white photos and adds colour to them. Using depth research, she makes the colourized photos as close to the original as possible...."


"Get ready roller coaster fans. You're in for the ride of your life. Six flags, in conjunction with Samsung is offering you the ride of a lifetime. They have decided to kick the thrills into overdrive with the first virtual reality roller coaster available on the North American Continent. Virtual reality has been changing the way that we look at things for years but now roller coasters are getting in on the action"


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WTF Photos

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Some Unfortunate Names

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"If your surname was Stroker, would you seriously name your son Willie?"

For these examples what were the parents thinking? Maybe they were unplanned and/or difficult births and the name is payback time?


This poor man didn't have a chance lol - no wonder he ended up in the police force..or maybe it was that he changed his name to this in order to get promoted haha

More of 'There I Fixed It'

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"Summer is over for Brazil's 'marvellous city'. In a series of eerie and depressing new photos released last week, the 2016 Summer Olympic venues in Rio de Janeiro are seen filthy and deserted just 6 months after the end of the games, including the legendary Maracana Stadium. In a city that hoped desperately to be lifted out of poverty and debt by making back the money they spent, these are the ruins of a shattered dream."


"A collection of interesting moments from Russian daily life in a bunch of 15 second videos."

brrr...looks a bit chilly over there..

Bad Kitchen Fails

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"this is sure to make you feel much better about your own inadequacies in the kitchen. Some of them are minor, some are major, and some are downright dangerous."

I myself have recently had an incident making a banana milkshake For Alec and me whereby I overfilled the blender and it exploded all over the kitchen, including half of it landing in my dinner - Thai Nam Tok and banana milkshake don't go well together...


"I Forgot I Was Making Caramel At Work. It's A Tad Overcooked"


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