30 Death Defying Photos

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I've got a pretty bad thing about heights myself. I did a sponsored parachute jump when I was 19 thinking that would sort it out... I did the jump but I still get scared if I go up anything higher than a little stepladder :( - so it didn't work.

Anyway some of these ones would be enough to put the bejeezus out of most people I would imagine..



All real things ..


Blue lava - Located in Indonesia, this lava burst so fast and in such high temperature it turns blue

Scarey Mugshots

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As he says, these may haunt you for years..


Funniest Animal Fails

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"Animals often have instincts and senses more impressive than ours. They can see farther, smell better, and certain animals can also run faster, jumper higher, and basically do everything better than us. But if there's one thing that unites all animals and humans, it's the fact that animals, just like us, aren't immune to looking ridiculous every once in awhile."



haha unbelievable are these, so they are..


Most Tattooed Pensioners

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Now there's different methods of performing tattooing, some painful and others a lot more painful...



"If someone would ask you to describe Donald Trump, what would you say? You have to admit, you can love him or hate him, still, he's a very complex guy. Donald John Trump is a real estate magnate, politician, TV and social media star and an author. Donald is also the chairman of The Trump Organization and he has one of the most complicated hairstyles ever. He also recently announced that he was running for President, and during his speech he promised to be "the greatest job president God ever created." Well, that escalated quickly. And until Donald sets his foot on Uranus and informs us about it on Instagram, have fun with some of his craziest Tweets. We most certainly did."


44 Random Pics

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Seeing as most of my posts are pretty random I thought it would be good to have one post with lots of random (but good) pictures in it. Hope it passes the time for you as it did for me..



20 stunning images taken by people on the floaty thing in the sky that we built..



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