How-To Mount and Ride a Unicycle

Unicycling consists of three basic movements: mounting, riding, and dismounting. Because of the intense balance required for unicycling, the steps below take a great deal of practice to master. Start off with a plate of patience and an adventurous attitude and learn how to unicycle with the following sequence.

I guess that unicycling comes into the yo-yo bracket – it takes a lot of effort and time to master it but when you can do it it’s very impressive..:)







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Melting Greenland Ice Sheet Is Going To Give Us Major Problems Coming Very Soon

I remember when I was a kid back in the 1980s global climate change was first picked up on by the broadsheet media with articles appearing in the Sunday colour supplements about things like the shrinking Amazon rainforest and melting polar ice, so we’ve known this was coming for a good while, I guess it was just the fact that predicted dates were so far into the future (60+years or so back then) that the people in power knew that most of the voting populations would be dead before it came to the real crunch, and so only nodded along to the scientists that were screaming at them and never took the issue seriously enough at the time that the issue needed to be dealt with and proper mitigation measures put in place and adhered to on a worldwide basis. Well ecologically speaking, it’s all starting to kick off now, and oh dear, we ain’t got the technology to move to another habitable planet yet ..

The linked article talks about the impact of the rapidly melting ice sheet in Greenland:-

If the entire Greenland ice sheet melted the sea level would rise by seven metres, flooding most of the world’s coastal cities, the professor warned.

WMO secretary-general Petteri Taalas said of global weather conditions: “This is not science fiction. It is the reality of climate change.

“It is happening now and it will worsen in the future without urgent climate action.”

“Greenland is now the driver for global sea level rise and will be until the ice has gone from [the country].”

He described witnessing “a raging torrent” passing beneath a bridge in Kangerlussuaq and the appearance of “black ice” as centuries old dirt is left behind by melting ice.

“Some of it is really dark, it means that it reflects less of the radiation of the sun that falls on it,” the professor said.

“That means it’s absorbing radiation and warming it faster still.”




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Security on this Website

Dear readers,

If you browsed to this site in the last week or so you would have been presented by a WARNING in your browser. This was due to the SSL certificate having expired and me not noticing until yesterday doh!

For those of you who have no idea what SSL is: it serves 2 purposes:

  • encrypts the connection between my webserver and your browser
  • verifies ownership of the website

I’ve now acquired and installed a new certificate and all is back to normal.

Furthermore, when you browse to front page, you will notice that even though there is a padlock indicating encryption is taking place, it is not green and it shows a warning. The reason for this is some of the links to the sites I show on the site do not have HTTPS (SSL) functionality, so your browser is warning you some of the websites linked off my site do not provide an encrypted connection. This is beyond my control, and due to the nature of content on this website, there is not much I can do about that.

It does NOT mean that this or any of the linked sites contain viruses or malware like some of you have been concerned just means that the site owners have not bought and installed SSL on their servers.

Anyway, I intend to go back to updating this blog more regularly again in the near future, apologies for the recent lack of updates..


All About The Scottish Highland Games

“All around the world people participate or are spectators at Scottish Highland Games. Seen as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture it is one of Scotland’s biggest cultural exports. Features of the Games include competitions in piping and drumming, dancing, heavy athletics, as well all kinds entertainment and exhibits related to many aspects of Scottish and Gaelic culture.”

“All around the world people participate or are spectators at Scottish Highland Games. Seen as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture it is one of Scotland’s biggest cultural exports. Features of the Games include competitions in piping and drumming, dancing, heavy athletics, as well all kinds entertainment and exhibits related to many aspects of Scottish and Gaelic culture.”



Stone throwing..





Official Scottish Highland Games website

History of the Games

How to Guides for the various events..

Below video is how to toss a caber..

World Record Irish Hen Has Clutch of 20 – Counting Her Chickens

“You may remember the story of Marmalade the record-breaking chicken, who left her owner devastated when she died at the age of four in February, having consistently delivered five clutches of chickens a year.”

“Farmer John Dolan says Marmalade’s daughter Little Chip, who was born in October, is remarkable in her own right – having produced an astonishing clutch of chicks at her first attempt

Of the 26 eggs she laid, 21 hatched, with 20 chicks surviving.

A dozen eggs is a typical clutch, while Marmalade’s largest clutch had 16 chicks.





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“Odd Signals” –Inside Story of China’s Search for Alien Life

“China is a nation fascinated by space exploration and the possibility of finding advanced alien life, whose appearance might be imminent, says Liu Cixin, China’s preeminent science-fiction author of The Three-Body Problem.”

“China’s FAST radio telescope, with a dish the size of 30 football fields, measuring 500 meters in diameter, dwarfing Puerto Rico’s 300-meter Arecibo Observatory, will launch its astronomers into the nation’s role as the new space superpower cinched with its epic landing of the Chang’e-4 Rover this week on the Moon’s far side. FAST could double the known pulsar tally of 2,000, says Peng Bo, FAST’s deputy manager and acting observatory director. It’s also ideal for mapping gas clouds between stars and for listening for signals from alien civilizations.”

“Due to the limitations of current radio technology, Vakoch observed, any radio signals from alien civilizations detected by the dish would have to be strong and deliberately sent with contact in mind, rather than randomly fired out from radio or TV equivalents. “We’d only be able to find the sort of signals that FAST will be looking for: narrow band signals, something that would have a lot of energy put into a carrier,” he said. “An interstellar beacon saying: We are here.”

“Our civilization has only been evolving for tens of thousands of years,” said Dick Manchester, a radio astronomer at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Manchester in a discussion with “Other civilizations could have had billions of years to evolve. It’s virtually certain that any other civilization we detect would be enormously more advanced than we are. Our history in terms of stellar evolution is absolutely tiny.”





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Chinese Ride-hailing Giant Didi Plans to Launch a Robotaxi Service in Shanghai

  • “Didi Chuxing, China’s version of Uber, announced plans to launch a robotaxi service in Shanghai where users will be able to hail driverless cars from the app.”
  • The ride-hailing company will deploy 30 different models of so-called level four autonomous vehicles in the Jiading District of Shanghai.”
  • “Didi’s pilot project will combine both autonomous vehicles and human-driving vehicles for the duration of the project.”






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5,300 Years Ago, Ötzi the Iceman Died. Now We Know His Last Meal.

Ötzi the Iceman’s stomach wasn’t where it was supposed to be. The misplaced organ eluded researchers for some 20 years. But in 2009, while looking at new radiographic scans, they finally found it—inexplicably pushed up under his ribs, where the lower lungs usually sit. What’s more, it was completely full.…”






See full story on National Geographic’s website..

Recyclable Space Rockets

“Small satellite launcher Rocket Lab is following in the footsteps of rocket behemoth SpaceX with plans to make its rockets reusable. But Rocket Lab won’t be landing its vehicles in the same fashion as SpaceX’s Falcon 9. Instead, the company plans to catch its rockets in mid-air with a helicopter after they’ve fallen back to Earth.”

“…The grand goal here is if we can capture the vehicle in wonderful condition, in theory, we should be able to put it back on the pad, charge the batteries up, and go again,” Peter Beck, Rocket Lab’s CEO, said during today’s announcement.”




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The Apple Credit Card Has Arrived

“Apple’s much-hyped credit card has arrived — if you applied to be notified when the Apple Card first became available, you’ll be among the first to get access. But don’t worry if you didn’t, as it’ll be released to the wider public later this month. Apple has also released a bunch of helpful video tutorials, outlining everything you need to know about the way the card works.

With its latest product, Apple wants your money. But it also wants to be your personal finance coach. The company is pitching the Apple Card as a way to “help customers lead a healthier financial life,” mostly through an intuitive app interface, a lack of fees and a unique new payment structure.

First up, how to apply for the card in the first place. Five simple steps and you’re off.”





See all the info about the card and video tutorials about how to apply for and use the card..

U.S. Health Officials Urge People to Stop Vaping After a Sudden and Mysterious Rise in Lung Disease

“More people hospitalized with serious lung problems linked to vaping have been found, Officials have not confirmed the cause of these injuries, but they’re explicitly warning residents to not vape, and the CDC has now joined the investigation. The cases date back to late June. All of the patients have been diagnosed with severe lung damage, and with symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, and weight loss. The severity of illness has ranged, with some needing medical assistance to breathe, and while patients have generally improved, it’s still not clear whether they will experience any long term effects…”




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The 9 Biggest Ships In the World

Inspired by the ongoing threat to UK oil tankers at the moment I decided to find out just how big a ship the Iranians could possibly hijack, which brought me to this page. The winner was always going to be a ULCC (Ultra Large Crude Carrier) also known as an oil tanker :p

The biggest is the Jahre Viking, formerly known as the Knock Nevis, pictured below:

Tonnage: 260,941 GT (214,793 NT)
Length: 458.45 m (1,504 ft)
Beam: 68.8 m (226 ft)
Draught: 24.611 m (81 ft)
Capacity: 564,763 DWT
Speed: 16 knots (30 km/h; 18 mph)







Also found this old clip of Jeremy Clarkson giving everybody a tour of this very same ship..

See all 9 ships..

Trump Apparently Knows What Bitcoin Is, And He Doesn’t Like It

“President Donald Trump took some time out of his evening to tweet about cryptocurrencies today, announcing to the world that he is “not a fan” of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because their “value is highly volatile and based on thin air.”

In a series of tweets, Trump expanded on his thoughts on crypto, saying Facebook’s newly announced Libra virtual currency “will have little standing or dependability,” and that the company should seek a banking charter and be regulated like any other traditional financial institution. Incidentally, that puts Trump on the side of House Democrats, a group of which last week officially asked Facebook to put its Libra plans on hold so it can be properly investigated for risks to the global financial system..”

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Photo credit to NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

8 Seemingly Innocent Things We Need To Stop Saying To Women

“If a woman has ever become annoyed by some seemingly innocuous thing you’ve said, there’s probably a reason for it, and that reason isn’t “Women are crazy.” A string of words that felt pretty good leaving your mouth can still be objectively terrible, because of all of the context and implications that were fiercely ignored in the process. So maybe pump the brakes before saying something like …”

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NB/ image from a different source

New Hedgehog Warning Sign To Be Deployed on UK Roads

“New signs featuring a picture of a hedgehog are to appear on UK roads to warn motorists of potential hazards caused by the spiny creatures and other small wildlife. They will be placed in areas with large numbers of animals such as hedgehogs, otters, squirrels and badgers. Current signs focus on smaller species such as toads, or deer and livestock.”

“Recent estimates put the hedgehog population in England, Wales and Scotland at about one million, compared with 30 million in the 1950s.”


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You’ve Been Training AI For Free

“Human workers are training algorithms behind the scenes. “For years, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (mTurk) has been a kind of open secret in the tech world, a place where fledgling algorithms can hire human labor on the cheap. If you need a hundred people to trace the boundaries of an object or fill out a survey, it’s the single best place to make it happen.”

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Don’t Even Reply – (E-mails From An Asshole)

As described from the site’s author, “This is a collection of e-mails I have sent to people who post classified ads. My goal is to mess with them, confuse them, and/or piss them off.”
And looking at all the transcripts it looks like he succeeds in truly pissing people off for no apparent reason. Funny as long as you aren’t one of his victims I’d say..



D-Day: 10 Things ~You Might Not Know About The Normandy Invasion

As seen on the BBC today, had to put this one up as it is interesting as it ever gets on good ol’ beeb site I thought anyways..

from article:

“5. Rommel’s shoes

In fact, the forecast was so bad that the German commander in Normandy, Erwin Rommel, felt so sure there wouldn’t be an invasion he went home to give his wife a pair of shoes for her 50th birthday.

He was in Germany when the news came of the invasion.”

“6. Sleeping Hitler

When the D-Day forces landed, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was asleep.

None of his generals dared order reinforcements without his permission, and no-one dared wake him.

Crucial hours were lost in the battle to hold Normandy.

When Hitler did finally wake up, at around 10am, he was excited at news of the invasion – he thought Germany would easily defeat the Allies.”

“9. Smashed toilets

The vibration of HMS Belfast’s guns firing during D-Day was so powerful it actually cracked the crew’s toilets.”




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Inside Britain’s Top Secret Research Laboratory

Well as you can see I’ve been on the BBC website today :), thought this one may be of interest as well to some people at least..

“Welcome to Britain’s top secret laboratory where defences against chemical weapons, ballistics, explosives and cyber-security are researched.

The BBC was given access inside Porton Down to see what the highly secretive facility was like and, for the first time ever, entered a cleansed version of a level four laboratory. This level is where the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory team analyse some of the world’s deadliest viruses – Ebola and Marburg.

Frank Gardner, the BBC’s security correspondent, went to meet one of the scientists working there.”

Alligator Breaks Into House During The Night!

“An elderly Florida woman heard a loud noise in the middle of the night, and the intruder was an 11ft (3.3m) alligator wandering her kitchen.”

We had a cobra come into the house once while in Bangkok but I wouldn’t want to wake up to one of these crawling across the bedroom floor \0/ 😐

Tokyo Hotel Serves £700 Burger To Welcome New Emperor

“A hotel in Japan is taking excitement for the country’s incoming Emperor to a sizzling new level after it added a three kilogram, gold-dusted burger to the menu. The Oak Door steakhouse at the Grand Hyatt Toyko will mark the ascension of Crown Prince Naruhito with the towering 25cm wide, 15cm tall ‘Golden Giant Burger’.”

The ‘Golden Giant Burger’ is 25cm wide and 15cm tall It features prime wagyu maize-fed beef, foie gras and truffles