"Everyone loves animals, but most are aware that if you don't treat them with the caution and respect they deserve, they can be very dangerous indeed. However, some are not so clued up on this fact or either choose to ignore it at their peril. Here we have several photographs taken just before disaster struck to illustrate just how cautious you should be at times."


that's not really what you want on a day at the seaside..

Animals Struggling With People Food

Even I can knock up an omelette plain style but this one looks a lot more interesting...

Some Beautiful Landscapes


All of these captured during the most colourful season by the looks of all the trees..


10 Notorious Coporate Cyber Attacks


"Cyber attacks seem to be all over the news recently. About a year ago President Obama declared a national emergency due to multiple malicious cyber attacks against the U.S. Just before the declaration expired this year he renewed the declaration for a year extending it to the next administration. Since then the FBI has been put primarily in charge of responding to, preventing and mitigating cyber attacks. The Department of Homeland Security and the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will also be assisting. I believe what broke the camels back were the 20,000 emails hacked and leaked. Before all of this happened there were other notorious cyber-attacks."


the really worrying one i would say is #2: Google..

Although it wouldn't surprise me if all the world's top people of money, power and influence did get together once a year to discuss their plans that will affect every single one of us to some greater or lesser extent, I'm not sure about this guy's claims to what actually goes on behind the closed borders of Bohemian Grove is entirely accurate lol..

They are such peaceful creatures, they are the world's largest land mammal and therefore by rights (maybe) they should be the planet's apex predator on land at least - it must be because they vegetarian or something..? Anyway I've heard it takes quite a lot of provocation before they lose their tempers but when it does happen it can end in total chaos and you'd better get out of the way...

given the choice, I'd probably go for the bookends..

Dear Mr President sir, have you ever considered a career in show-business? I don't think you're the best suited for politics and people would like you more..

Yours sincerely,
BaanLiam crew

Thatched Houses


I haven't seen many of these up in Scotland lol..


"There are some things in life that we're so used to, we never even thought they could be updated... Until someone showed us."



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