Everyone has had their fair share of embarrassing moments but sports are widely photographed and televised eh so if you're a tennis player playing in a tournament and your knicker elastic suddenly goes it's pretty much guaranteed to be on the front page of the UK tabloids the next day :-|


she doesn't look like she's particularly embarrassed about the bikini line thing - it's the winning that is the important thing in sports not your appearance - there may be an exception to this with Premier League football players tho :-D

54 Eye Candy Images

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Ranges from pictures of unusual skies to fit women (SFW) to special edition Rolls Royces..

Well worth a browse if you've got the time..


"The French held their next round of presidential primaries today to determine the general election candidate for the "center right." It was a battle between ex-premier Francois Fillon and another former prime minister, Alain Juppe. Fillon is described as an "economic radical" and social conservative. When the dust settled, Fillon won it running away.

This is a multi-stage process and Fillon will go on in the spring to face... you guessed it... Marine Le Pen. They will also face the socialist candidate, current president, Francois Hollande.If the socialists are knocked out in the first round as the polling suggests, Fillon and Le Pen will be the last two standing for the runoff election.Why is that remarkable in this generally socialist nation? Because we already know where Le Pen stands in terms of getting out of the EU and dumping the Euro, etc. but Fillon is a rare beast in France as well.Fillon wants to fire hundreds of thousands of government workers, slash taxes to stimulate the economy, crack down on immigration and Muslim extremists, opposes gay marriage and wants to defend traditional French national identity. (Make France Great Again?)

Either way, if this is how it plays out we're going to be looking at a very different scene in France when this is over. And it's probably one which will make for a much better fit in terms of relations with the United States under the new president."

eiffel tower.jpg

How Do Dogs 'See' With Their Noses?

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"You may have heard the expression that dogs 'see with their noses.' But these creature's amazing nasal architecture actually reveals a whole world beyond what we can see. Alexandra Horowitz illustrates how the dog's nose can smell the past, the future and even things that can't be seen at all." from the source


hahaha :-D

I won't be surprised if this is featured in the next Top Gear series...

AcidCow GIF dump

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More animated GIFs for your viewing pleasure..


I'm not sure how and who calculated all this but I won't spoil it by telling you what country came 'top', but when you do find out you'll probably not be surprised..

Anyway judging by the common traits of each nationality I should probably have headed to the Ukraine and seen what occurred ..but that's just me..


I'm so glad the UK made it into the top 15 - next stop will be Scotland making it past the FIFA World Cup qualifiers :)

Only in Russia Pic Compilation

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Coincidences aren't actually restricted to happening in Russia but this one did anyway..

"In 1950s the idea of creating the nuclear airplane, the long range strategic bomber powered on the power of atom was considered as a necessity by Soviet generals. At that time there was already built first Russian atomic ice breaker with its independent nuclear reactor on board. So the plane seemed to be pretty real. To give you a little spoiler on this post - yes, they finally was to able to build a working plane with a nuclear reactor on board which was powering it during the flight..."

16 pages of pictures, diagrams and text explanations of how the Soviets had been getting on with this project.

Article ends with "..But then the cold war ended, the Soviet Union collapsed, and we still don't see the ecological, cheap and unlimited air flights." :(



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