Daredevil kayaker Pedro Oliva tackles the falls - 9 photos of this..

This must have been such a buzz for him :)


yeeas man!!

"In some countries where it is illegal to broadcast or have pornography, hotels are exempt in order to accommodate the "needs" of their foreign clients."


"Awesome, cool and wtf images to keep you happy all a long day"


:) bet that cooled him down for a bit..

Biggest Hydro Plant in Russia

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"Chirkei hydro power plant is situated on the Sulak river of Dagestan. It is the largest HPP in the North Caucasus, the highest arch dam of Russia. And probably it is also one of the most beautiful dams in the country.
Its construction began in 1964 and finished in 1978. The main structure of the HPP is the dam, of course, the beautiful arch 232,5 meters (763 ft) high and 338 meters (1109 ft) long. The width of the dam is from six (only six!) (19.7 ft) to thirty meters (98.4 ft)!"


"Russian mind has been haunted by the Moon in all times. Last century it was one of the most significant Soviet missions - to reach the natural satellite of the Earth and explore it. And the country succeeded."

But we never got to hear about all this in our mainstream news media, whether that was the old Soviet/West cold war official policies at the time or maybe the US government didn't want the NASA countries populations to know that the Soviet scientists were just as advanced as theirs...if we could just put politics aside for a minute and put all our thinking resources together we could maybe then concentrate on fixing the big problems that our advanced technology has been creating for our planet - together..?


ah well, so life goes on..

.just repeat posting this one as  this post on my blog 2 years ago has been one of the more popular ones in this blog's saved history :)

small change in featured pic tho - Chandra (only got #48 but is I think the hottest woman of the whole lot of these imho) but there were one or 2 others who came a very very close second indeed.. :)


Rest In Peace

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With our deepest love, admiration and respect.


"There is a deadly animal hiding in this photograph of sand. Believe it or not! You will shock after seeing this."

Note to self: Must be aware of walking around in the desert from now on...


Different Camera Angles?

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Well I think yes angles do make a difference, but maybe a bit of make-up and / or photoshop can also make a big difference lol


"..The reef has shocked and amazed its discoverers with its immensity. Robin Beaman, a research fellow at James Cook University, explains, "We've known about these geological structures in the northern Great Barrier Reef since the 1970s and 80s, but never before has the true nature of their shape, size and vast scale been revealed." Beaman and the rest of the team were able to reveal the watery wonder using high-resolution seafloor data from a LiDAR-equipped aircraft belonging to the Royal Australian Navy..."



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